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    Log class can be used to create log files. The log files can be formatted with text messages and format macros that can simplify the generation of the messages with line breaks and counter values.Log class can automatically create the log files and the directories where the files will be stored. It also provide means to clean up log files ...
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    Hybrid Upload Class performs basic error checking to the file size and file name extension. If if the uploaded files are correct, it processes the files by moving them to a given upload directory.Multiple file uploads are supported.
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    Example scripts with a Web interface for managing uploaded files, are included.
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    Class Loader can be used to locate and load class files from directories defined in a list of paths. It provide a way to write PHP scripts that use classes without knowing in advance where the class files are located.Class Loader can take a list of directories where to search the class files. Then it can search for given files ...
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    File Manager is a web-based GUI for browsing file structures. It can be used to manage and share files with other users in a web-based environment. Features of File Manager:- Admin interface- User permissions- User groups- Upload and delete files and folders through the GUI- Documentation
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    Arvore Pastas retrieves the listing of files in a given directory and displays it as a list with HTML links to pages of the the sub-directory listings.Arvore Pastas treverses the directories recursively up to a specified depth level.Limitations: The code and comments are in Portuguese
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    HTTP Upload can be used to handle files that are uploaded to a server via Web forms.Features of HTTP Upload:- It supports applying upload filters to restrict the files that are accepted according to configurable criteria like: file name extension, MIME type, file size, width and height in case the files are images.- It also supports handling uploads of multiple ...
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    File Browser class can be used to browse files available on the serve side using a Web interface. It lets the users browser directories below a given root directory. The users may click on links to browse any sub-directory below the root directory.File Browser class generates an HTML listing of all files and folders in the currently browsed directory. It ...
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    FTP Folder Copy or Delete can traverse a given directory recursively and copy all its files sub-directories to a given directory on an FTP server. The original permissions are also set on the files and directories on the FTP server.A specified FTP directory can also be recursively traversed and removed, including its sub-directories.Requirements:PHP 4.1.0 or higher
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    Fichero can open a file and read its lines into strings. The strings may be returned as is, trimmed, as an array of lines, or decoded using base64 algorithm.The file lines are searched using regular expressions. It can also write back text to the file, optionally encoding it using the base 64 algorithm.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    AlfaZoneSoft Zip Lib can be used to generate archives of files in the ZIP format. It can add multiple directories and files to the archive. The files are compressed with the zlib library extension.The resulting ZIP archive is generated in memory. AlfaZoneSoft Zip Lib can be stored in a server side file or served for download. The class generates the ...
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    AIRProjectXML provides classes for composing several types of elements of AIR projects such as windows, icons, file types, applications, as well classes for parsing and generating AIR XML project definition files.AIRProjectXML also allows managing AIR project files from a web-based GUI.Requirements:PHP 4.3.0 or higher
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    Search File Contents can traverse a given directory recursively to locate files with certain file name extensions. The found files are opened and their content checked for the search phrase.Search File Contents returns an array with the list of all files that contain the search phrase.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    The directory is traversed recursively and the names of the located files is written to an output file.Requirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
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    A file size limit can be imposed.Key Features of EasyUpload:- Configuration of the operating system- Generation of a random name- Removal of special characters- Retrieval of original name, the generated random name and the extension of the file name
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