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    Backup Class can take backup copies of one or more directories at once. The tar program is used to build backup files for each of the given directories.After the backup files are generated, they are copied to a local backup directory or to a remote directory accessible via FTP.
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    Changed Since Files eases the procedure for projects where synchronizing a large number of files is necessary.
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    uncentralizedDownloader can serve files for download. The files can be retrieved optionally from external servers according to configuration definitions file. The configuration file can be replicated to other files.The referrer URL can be checked to prevent hot linking. The download URL is changed over time to make hot linking even more difficult.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    The information contained in the PHP files is extracted. The documentation of the classes or functions is outputted to a page or stored in a file.Limitations: The code and comments of the class are in German.
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    vCard php Class is a class to manipulate with vCard information, according vCard v2.1 and vCard v3.0.
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    Resources Manager class can be used to provide a Web interface to manage files stored in a server directory.Resources Manager can perform several types of basic operations on the files like listing, sorting, uploading, renaming and deleting. The class can be used to provide an interface with texs in different idioms.The presentation of the interface can be customized by adapting ...
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    Format File can determine the file name extension, the associated MIME type, the file access permissions, the file size, the width and height in case it is a an image file, file owner, creation, last access and modification time.The file size can be formatted in bytes, KB, MB, GB and TB.Requirements: PHP 4.3 or higher
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    A session variable, with the name of the file available for download from a page link, is set.Little Leach can serve the file for download only if it is session variable is set, thus preventing that file be download directly without going to the page with the download link.Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    CssMin is a PHP script for compressing CSS stylesheets and compacts a CSS file by removing all whitespace and comments. Empty blocks and empty declarations are also discarded. Functionality is left intact. Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher What's New in This Version:- Version 3.0.1 will throw no more error messages via "trigger_error" by default.- Support for @-moz-keyframes / @-webkit-keyframes.- New ...
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    PHP File System Parser can traverse a given directory recursively and extract the paths of the files and directories that it encounters.The total number of directories and files is returned. PHP File System Parser can also optionally return the number of symbolic links.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    The extensions associated with a MIME type can also be retrieved. MIME types and extensions can be loaded from a mime.types file.
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    A specified directory is traversed recursively and an array with information about the files and folders contained is returned.Each directory entry in the array has the last modification and last access time, the path, the parent directory path, the URL if the entry was to be access via the Web under a given domain, the entry type and its permissions.For ...
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    MySQL File System can be used to create a virtual filesystem using BLOB fields of a MySQL database table to store the file contents.MySQL File System is particularly useful when disk space is scarce on a server that cannot go down in a production environment. With this class you can simply drop in a second slave MySQL server to get ...
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    Command Class uses your database to manage your main include files using a command/sub-command method. With this you only need one index.php in your document root and the rest of your files can be outside it.Command Class will allow you to dynamically change which page is included based on a commmand/sub-command variable. It also allows for a high level of ...
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    The width and height attributes for images are automatically generated by the getimagesize() function.Link title tips default to the link anchor text if left empty and alternate text for images defaults to the filename and path if left empty.In order to protect email links from spambots, they are encoded using equivalent HTML entities for their characters.
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