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    preditor loads a specified file and allows entering the string to change, a replacement string and whether it only occurs once or several times. Then it will go through the file and change each occurence.The edited file can be saved to a directory, while non-text-based files can be copied to other directories.
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    phpFile can create a new file or open one file that already exists with a given access mode. Data can be appended, inserted at a given position or removed from between two positions.
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    Several types of file manipulation operations, such as handling uploaded files, serving files for downloading, renaming, deleting, copying and moving, can be performed.
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    A file can also be copied from another server to your own.Key Features of My Easy Copy:- You can change the file's original name into a new name (random numbers & letters)- You can select the folder that's the file will be uploaded into- Show the time used to copy the file- Show the file size
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    Parameters such as the character sequence to end lines and the path delimiter, can be determined.
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    This PHP script is to compress CSS files by removing unnecessary characters, CssShrink first takes the content of a CSS file, and then removes comments, white spaces and semi-colons after statements at the end of the line to compress CSS file. Fianlly the compressed CSS output will return as a string.Requirements:- PHP 5.1 or higher
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    SQL File Query Extractor opens a text file and extract text entries of SQL queries separated by semi-colons. An array is used to return the text strings of queries.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    File System can get the listing of a given directory. The listing may contain only files, only directories or both. It may sort the listing by entry type, name, date, size and file name extension. The sorting may be either set to ascending or descending order.Custom list filtering can also be implemented through a callback function.Requirements: PHP 5.2.0 or higher
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    MyUpload is a class that allows you to upload files to the web server. It is easy to install, use and modify.The basic steps to upload through MyUpload are:- check if the file has been uploaded to your server tmp dir- set the directory to upload to- check if the type of file is accepted (extension of file only)- check ...
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    If the uploaded file verifies the validation rules, Classe Upload moves the file to a given directory. Classe Upload can also return the corresponding download link for an uploaded file.Key Features of Classe Upload:- Check if the file does not exceed a given size limit- Check if the file name has one of the accepted extensions- Check if there is ...
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    UploadSimples can validate an uploaded file to accept only with image MIME types and with a size lower than a limit. An uploaded image file can also be renamed and resized in order to not exceed a specified size limit.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higherLimitations: The code and the comments are in Portuguese
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    UploadManager can access files uploaded to a server and store them in a specified folder.Key Features of UploadManager:- Delete existing files- Prepare the listing of uploaded files- Delete or create the directory to store uploaded files- Create, modify or delete the uploads directory index file (by default, 'index.html')- Create, modify or delete the file with descriptions of the uploaded files ...
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    The enctype="multipart/form-data" attribute should be specified on the form, so that file are uploaded properly.The class should be created by passing $HTTP_POST_FILES as the only argument for the constructor (e.g. $upload = new Upload(&$HTTP_POST_FILES)), and also by reference (the & indicates this).
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    The spectrum of files to check can be restricted by specifying precise extensions.LineCount allows you to either output the detailed file list, or return an associative array with total number of sub-directories, files, and lines.
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    A text file with information about products is created and can be used to populate an osCommerce database through Easypopulate.osCommerce Easypopulate File Create Class sets all the fields of each product with default values that may be redefined by the application before adding them to the Easypopulate file.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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