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    Comment Form / Post Feedback allow users to display and post comments on a page. Feedback is very valuable to not only the web designers, but to other visitors as well. I have had multiple requests for a tutorial on this, so I decided to write one. This is a fairly advanced script, and I don't go into a lot ...
  2. Feedback
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    This is a PHP comment script that you can add the feedback form to your website so that users can send your various feedback as what they think about your website or if they want state a problem or query of just simply want to contact you. Features of Feedback Script:- Easy to implement script- Can be easily modified- Mails ...
  3. Feedback Champuru
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    This is a WordPress plugin for importing social buzz as comments into posts and pages. Gets mentions from various social networks and embeds them as a comments to the mentioned post. Features of Feedback Champuru:Supported services:- Tweet- Hatena Bookmark- Delicious- FriendFeed- Livedoor Clip- Buzzurl- Google+Requirement:- WordPress 2.7 or HigherWhat's new in this version:- Support Google+Installation:- Unpack and upload it to ...
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    PHP Form to Mail allow visitors to contact you from your website, and have their comments mailed directly to your inbox, without the risk of making your email address available to bots.Form to Mail (Light) provides a neat contact form for your visitors, and some clever back end PHP to help reduce the risk of mistakes or inaccurate email addresses ...
  5. WP Voting
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    This is a posts voting system for WordPredd blogs. Loggedin users can give the editor feedback on his article by pressing a "Vote" button.Features of WP Voting:- Control voting feature via voting on/off- Control allow or disallow post author to vote his own posts- Customize vote and voted text- Customize vote and voted buttons images- Customize alert message for non ...
  6. Free Feedback Form
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    Feedback Form is a PHP review script that will fetch you more details of your external clients and you network of business will improve a lot. All product related enquiries can be posted and solved online and it will be an ideal mode of providing a better service to your clients.Free Feedback Form can be installed easily in your website. ...
  7. Animus Comments
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    This script lets you add a "comments" section to any web pages that you control. It can block sapmbots by using a captcha, filter out obscene language, and be made to look like your site so that it doesn't stick out. It even has the ability to let people rate comments with high rating will be displayed more visibly, comments ...
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    User Feedback is designed to display user feedback messages, It can queue message to display to the users and all queued messages can be shown at the same time. Message can be displayed in different colors according to the current script state.Requirements:-PHP 5.0 or higher
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    PogProgressBar can be used to display a progress bar to give feedback of how much of a long task as been executed on the server side. This script generates Javascript to update the length of a bar that is presented in the browser to gives an idea of the progress of the task being executed. The bar presentation details can ...
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    The string is split into php and HTML sections, with each php section being evaluated and the HTML ones displayed in their current form. A web based editor that makes use of the MixedEval class is also included. The editor may be helpful for learning php.MixedEval allows the user to create a variable number of textareas, each of which can ...
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    Feedback class is a class that provides feedback about a site.Class Feedback makes usecase Feedback:- showing web-form with fields for fill.- when user press submit send that fields's values to specific email.- show message 'Your info was sent'.
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    AntiSpam Feedback can be used to validate the e-mail addresses of users of feedback forms before accepting and sending the feedback messages. It sends an e-mail message to the user submitting a feedback form with a special code in a link.The feedback content is stored in a file on the server until the user e-mail address is validated.When the user ...
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    A simple script to allow you to use a feedback form on your site. All you need is PHP and you stop using the mailto links, which every spammer looks for.
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    Every business must be analyzed from a SWOT perspective (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) at the same time it should be customer oriented.feedback.class.php should be integrated into almost any type of business website to enhance customer value. It is free for use. Do not forget to change the email addresses to the correct ones.
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