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  1. Facebok Likes
    357 total visits
    Facebok Likes is a PHP script to get stats from Facebook Like buttons and needs page URL(s) as input. It will then query the Facebook API and count how many times that/those URL(s) have been liked by users and present them in an orderly fashion.
  2. No Screenshot
    481 total visits
    Social networks put plenty of websites out of commission - anyone can create a group on Facebook, and it's much easier than to build and support whole website. We want to get web-masters back into the game - with GRA4 anyone can get it's own full-blown social network. It can run on any PHP hosting (even free one), and does ...
  3. No Screenshot
    340 total visits
    This script enables users to register or log into a phpbb forum with an existing Facebook account, adds a facebook page like button to forum index, adds a like button to each post and comments on each post.
  4. Social Login
    473 total visits
    This WordPress plugin allows users to register, login or post comments via one of their social network IDs. It adds extra controls to these sections, allowing the user to select a social network, enter his credentials and have access to site features.Installation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.- Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.Features of ...
  5. No Screenshot
    160 total visits
    This is a collection of WordPress Facebook social sidebar widgets. It allows blog/site owners to showcase their Facebook activity and have other people like them on Facebook as well, using simple sidebar widgets. The plugin loads XFBML versions of each of the social plugins, and loads JS files only if the plugins are actually showed on a page.Features of Facebook ...
  6. Facebook PHP SDK
    518 total visits
    This is the official PHP SDK for the Facebook API. It is a set of PHP APIs to use when integrating Facebook social features in a website or app. Requirements:- PHP 5.2 or higher What's New in this version:- Extract the `code` from the `signed_request` for JS SDK pairing.
  7. WP Facebook Timeline
    413 total visits
    This is a WordPress plugin to create a visual timeline for the blog history. It's modeled after the Facebook Profile Timeline feature. It can take posts, pages, tweets, media files, menu items and revisions and uses to build the timeline.Filters for year or tweet hashtags can be added. Timeline events can also be featured.Requirements:- WordPress 3.1.3 or HigherInstallation:- Unpack and ...
  8. Facebook Feed Grabber
    247 total visits
    This is WordPress plugin for retrieving and embedding a Facebook profile feed. Content is retrieved using the Facebook Graph API and the Facebook PHP SDK.Requirements:- WordPress 2.8 or Higher- Facebook APP ID- Facebook App SecretInstallation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.Limitation:- No default style for the plugin's rendered output.
  9. CevherShare
    115 total visits
    CevherShare is a WordPress plugin to add a toolbar with share buttons to different social networks. By default, the toolbar will appear in a fixed side scrolling position to the left of the article, and will transform into a horizontal form if the page is resized under 1000 px.Custom buttons can be added via the plugin's settings page in the ...
  10. Publish To Facebook
    111 total visits
    This is WordPress plugin for adding a button for sharing content on Facebook. A button for sharing content on an user's Facebook account is added at the end of each post, page or both. Requirements:- WordPress 2.0 or HigherInstallation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
  11. Share on Facebook
    77 total visits
    This is WordPress plugin for adding a button at the bottom of pages and posts for sharing the link on Facebook. The admin can show the button on pages, posts, both in the loop. The button can be just a text, icon, image + text and nicely styled button.Requirements:- WordPress 2 or HigherWhat's New in this version 1.7:- Fixed the ...
  12. Social Media Tracking
    84 total visits
    Social Media Tracking is a WordPress plugin to add social sharing buttons to frontpage, posts, pages and feeds. The admin can additionally track the user button interaction with an Analytics account.Features of Social Media Tracking:Supported services:- Facebook- Twitter- Google+Requirements:- Wordpress 3.1.4 or HigherInstallation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
  13. No Screenshot
    50 total visits
    This WordPress plugin can be used to restrict access to parts of the content until the user shares the link on Facebook. For the user to view the hidden content he will have to share a link content on Facebook via a Facebook Like action. The Like button is added automatically for each shortcode.Requirements:- WordPress 3 or HigherInstallation:- Unpack and ...
  14. Login With Facebook
    236 total visits
    Login With Facebook is a free WordPress plugin that allows an user to access his WordPress blog with his Facebook credentials. Just add the Facebook app ID in the backend and activate the sidebar widget.Features of Login with Facebook:- Login with Facebook Account- Activate Facebook Functionality- Deactivate Facebook Functionaliy- Connect with Specific ApplicationRequirements:- WordPress 2.8 or Higher
  15. PHP-SimpleCache
    329 total visits
    This PHP Script can be used to cache timed API calls to 3rd party services like Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and much more others.
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