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    Page Ripper can be used to retrieve and alter remote Web pages.Page Ripper can retrieve HTML pages from remote sites and extract parts of the HTML data and optionally replace with new values.
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    URL CSS Parser can be used to retrieve and display the CSS files used by a given page. It retrieve a page with a given URL and extracts the list of CSS files that it uses.URL CSS Parser can display the CSS files as a list of links pointing to the CSS documents used by the given page.
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    Color extract can be used to extract the most common colors used in images.Color extract can open an image file in the GIF, JPEG or PNG format. Then it traverses the image and returns an array with the most used color tones.
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    IMDB Parser can be used to parse and extract movie information from the respective pages of the IMDB site.IMDB Parser can extract the movie title, language, country, rating, genre, director, plot, color or black and white, tag line and poster picture URL.
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    SourceMap can be used to parse and extract a list of tokens from source code in one of several supported languages. It can parse source code in a given language and extract tokens according to the definitions of token delimiter character sequences for that language. The class supports PHP, Javascript and Python.SourceMap can extract several types of tokens: comments in ...
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    CLI Parser class can be used to parse and extract the values of arguments passed to a PHP script when it is executed from the command line.There are several classes that can parse and validate arguments of several types like: boolean switches, strings, numbers, files and directory names.The main class can use objects of the configured argument types classes to ...
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    ReGet Parser can be used to parse extract information from ReGet Deluxe save files. It can retrieve list of files queued for downloading as an associative array that contains the attributes of each file.
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    Jargon File Processor allows you to extract definitions from the jargon file, works with a searchable index, alphabetical listing, random word display and pure text or html capability.
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    PHP VQF Metadata Extractor will extract metadata such as artist,song title,bitrate and channel mode (eg. stereo/mono) from VQF audio files.
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    MySQL Optimizer is meant to analyze, optimize or repair tables of a MySQL database.The class is capable of connecting to a given MySQL database, extract the list of names of tables, and perform one of the three operations in all tables. The results are outputted in an HTML table.
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    Fetch Link Class uses text parsing and no regular expressions to find and extract every link in a webpage. This class is suitable for developers who want to develop spider and crawler programs.
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    PHP Scraper is meant to fetch remote HTML pages and parse them to extract structured information into arrays. It can take a model of the definition of the structure of a given page and process it to clip the relevant fields of information.
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    DBF Class is meant to extract information from a database file in the DBF format. It can be used for migrating the DBF file to any format you want.The class is capable of processing the DBF files using only basic PHP functions. So it does not need any PHP extensions to handle the DBF database files.DBF Class reads the names ...
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    MySql To Excel class is used for exporting the data from a MySql to spreadsheet files in the Excel format. The class executes a given database query and extract the result set data to generate the Excel spreadsheet.The generated Excel spreadsheet can be stored in a given file or be made available immediately for download.
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    Various http servers use a 'guesstimate' basis for directories that don't exist in the virtual path. Using this system, it is possible to select a script with a particular name by specifying the name as a directory in the URI. It is then possible, using this function, to extract parameters required for this script from the URI, without resorting to ...
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