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    The keywords are extracted from the HTTP referrer URL value, if it is a Google search results page.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Spider Class can retrieve Web pages and parse them to extract the list of their links to continue crawling all linked pages.The pages may be retrieved iteratively until it is reached a given limit of pages or link depth.Spider Class is possible to set regular expressions for both link definitions and content matches, changeable at every depth.
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    The search starts for a specified start tag and if it finds it, continues for another one. If both tags are found, Extract Text Between Long Tags returns the data that is contained between the start and end tags.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Crawler can access Web pages, parse the pages HTML and extract the URLs of the links and the images. Opening a login page and authenticating with specified credentials is also possible in order to access restricted content.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Descriptions can be set for the images and comments can be posted to the albums. New albums can be created and images can be rotated or resized to reduce bandwidth.Zip files can be uploaded, and have them automatically extracted on the server. The zip flle can be kept in the 'Download' section so that users can download all the pictures ...
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    SOAP server class simplifies generating the SOAP fault response messages.Key Features of SOAP server class:- Base functions to process SOAP message envelope requests and generate responses.- Utility function to validate and extract arguments from SOAP request commands.- Utility function to generate SOAP command responses.
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    GSM can traverse a given directory to extract the list of files with given file name extension to be added to the site map given the site base URL.Certain file entries may be excluded from the list. GSM can also make certain file entries to be listed with the last modification date and a specific priority.The generated site map XML ...
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    CSV Importer parses a given CSV file to extract data that is inserted in a given MySQL database. The MySQL table can also be truncated in order to remove all data that was previously inserted.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    PHP Video Toolkit wraps around FFmpeg, FLVTools2 and Mencoder applications. It also currently provides FFmpeg-PHP emulation in pure PHP, making compiling and installing the module unnecessary. It isn't intended as a FFmpeg-PHP replacement, but only as an alternative solution. It is recommended, if heavy use of the FFmpeg-PHP functionality is required, to install the module, as it is more efficient.PHP ...
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    dUnzip2 can be used to pack and unpack files in ZIP archives. There is a class that can retrieve the list of packed files as well several types of file details, such as the uncompressed size, last modification time, comments, etc..dUnzip2 can extract individual files, one at a time, specifying their file names, or extract all at once into a ...
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    Base460 Parser can be used to extract bar code (EAN-13, ITF-14) information from abase460 file or abase460-like formed XML document.The extracted EAN records are returned into associative arrays.Requirements: PHP 5.0
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    Overall Tag View can be used to extract and display specific tags from HTML pages of given sites.Overall Tag View retrieves the contents of a given site page and parses it to extract the list of tags with a specified type. By default it retrieves tags.The extracted tags are returned in an array. Overall Tag View may also display a ...
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    Today's Joke is a very simple class that can be used to retrieve the today's joke from the jokes2go.com Web site.Today's Joke accesses the jokes2go.com site and retrieves the today's joke page. The page contents is clipped to extract the joke text, which is returned as string.
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    BiBTeX Manager can be used to parse and manipulate BiBTeX entries for use in LaTeX authored publications.BiBTeX Manager can beautify a string for use in your BiBTeX files, clean out illegal characters, and extract some elements of a BiBTeX entry.
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    BDecode can be used to parse and extract metadata from BitTorrent files.BDecode can read a BitTorrent file and extract the values of several types of properties into an array, like the files name and length, creator, creation date, file pieces, etc.
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