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    The PHP AMF3 extension provides native support for the Adobe Action Message Format version 3 (AMF3) in PHP scripts. Features of PHP AMF3:- Fast and reliable- Easy to use- In production since 2010
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    lessphp compile LESS code in PHP. It stands for Leaner CSS and it's an extension to the CSS language adding support for variables, nested rules, mixins and operations. In most cases, developers use either Ruby or JavaScript to convert LESS files to normal CSS. This PHP library provides a way to compile LESS source to normal CSS using a normal ...
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    PhpRedis is an extension for PHP providing an API for communicating with a Redis database. It handles sessions, errors, connections, authentication, retrieving data and much more. Check the included README file for more documentation and instructions.
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    Bestsellers is a Magento extension for showing a store's best, popular and newest reviews and products to customers. It allows easy highlighting of the most important and recent content on a Magento store. Features of Bestsellers:Show on the store homepage (global):- New products- Bestsellers- Popular- Top rated- Product reviews Show on each category products for current category:- New products- Bestsellers- ...
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    rsclog is a PHP extension for logging system resource usage for each script execution and its development migrated to GitHub. This script serves as a base for tracking server resource usage per each vhost. Also be useful for tracking down segfaulted requests (with request startup logging enabled).
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    SemanticHTML is a simple MediaWiki extension to add support for HTML4 phrase elements plus the HTML5 time element to MediaWiki. By default, MediaWiki strips out these descriptive elements. A MediaWiki extension to restore support for the HTML4 phrase elements used in wiki mark-up. Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or Higher
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    This is a Joomla module for displaying Amazon products. Set a desired ASIN number and the position the module to show in. Additional height and width parameters can also be passed.Installation:In the Joomla backend, to the "Extensions" -> "Install/Unistall" section. Upload the package's ZIP archive file. Configure the module in the "Module Manager" section.Requirements:- Joomla 1.5 or Higher
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    PHPRPMs is a collection of RPM packages that add various PHP extensions to the PHP that you have as a part of your RPM-based Linux Distribution (Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, WhiteBox or Fedora Core).The advantages of PHPRPMs are:- you don't have to rebuild PHP from the source if you just need one of the less-frequently used or non-GPL extensions;- ...
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    pgp_enc.Class is an extenstion of html_mime_mail.class with pgp support.
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    Compile many classes into one class. SmartExtender get around the limited class extension that PHP offers. IE class A extends classb, classc etc is not possible.
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