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    Regexp Builder is a PHP script designed to build simple and regular expressions programmatically, it provides clearly named functions to add each part of a regular expression, such as matching the beginning or end of the text, match a range of characters, match any text, match a portion of text multiple times, capture a portion of the text, etc..The result, ...
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    Parser of Expression Grammar can take a string with an expression using RPN and parse it to evaluate its result.Constants, functions, operators, custom functions and custom operators, are supported.Requirements: PHP 4.2.3 or higher
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    Simplifica is a script that implements the Quine-McCluskey's tabular method for simplifying boolean expressions. It computes the canonical form of an expression.Simplifica is useful for teaching students how to simplify expressions using an iterative method, instead of Karnaugh, and how boolean algebra may be applied for solving the problem.
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