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    phpExifRW provides a way of manipulating EXIF information in environments where PHP Exif extensions are not available.
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    PHPShowTime which is a PHP image gallery emphasize on transfering images from FTP,can also be customized and congfigured by users. Features of phpShowtime: - Easy "copy only" setup - Transfer your images per FTP, no other steps required - Automatic Thumbnail creation in 3 different sizes- Custom folder thumbails depending on content - Custom captions for every image - High ...
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    A web based photo database built on PHP and MySQL. Supports adding photos one at a time or loading an entire folder. Streamlined interface for adding metadata about your photos. Stores a thumbnail of each image in the database along with extracted EXIF and IPTC data about each photo. Advanced search capabilities on all extracted and entered data. Version 4.1 ...
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