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    rsmysql is a simple MySQL database access wrapper class that can measure the time spent executing the database queries.rsmysql can establish persistent and non-persistent connection to a given MySQL database server, execute SQL queries and return the query results in arrays.The total number of queries and the time spent of executing is stored in global variables for statistical purposes.
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    Measure PHP execution time using this small and simple script. PHP typically executes very quickly, though some code takes significant time to execute, i.e. retrieving and parsing remote files, image manipulations, complex and/or multiple SQL queries, etc. If code is choking your server's CPU, or your site visitors are clicking away because your page is taking too long to respond, ...
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    Benchmark can measure the time it takes to execute each parts of a PHP script. It can take note of different check points of the current script and thet time that elapsed since the start. Then it can generate an HTML report that show various types of statistics.Features of Benchmark:- Assign a mark to a check point in part of ...
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    Web Tracker is a very simple package that can be used to track the accesses of site users in a MySQL database. There is a class to retrieve the site user IP, access time and date. There is also another class for accessing MySQL databases.The example script can be used as a beacon for serving an image, for instance to ...
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    DM Perfomance Meter is intended for measuring script (or its part) execution time. It measures time taken to execute part of PHP script between specified start and end points. It also can measure time of arbitrary checkpoints.DM Perfomance Meter supports:- Setting multiple named check points- Output measurement results as plain text, HTML comment, and HTML unordered list- Log results to ...
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    myDBQuery is a simple MySQL database query execution wrapper that can keep track of the source file name and line number when a query error occurs.It just executes a MySQL database query and returns an array with the result set handle and the count of the number rows if the it is a SELECT query or the number of affected ...
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    Logfiles and logrecords handles log files with a limit size and makes a backup of theold logfile if its limit size is reached.A timer can be used to log how long the procedure took to finish. With this class it is very easy to simultaneously write more than one logfile.
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    Check and validate class contains several funtions to validate text values like email addresses and integers with minimum and maximum range checking.It also has debugging and benchmark functions to check your scripts and to show how long they take to execute.
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    Cronometro is to measure the time that passed between two moments of execution of a PHP script. It provides functions to start and stop the time count and also to display the time that elapsed since the start of the count. The time is measured in microseconds.
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    Tracks the progress of a certain set of tasks within a PHP script. Creates a graphical representation in an html table that updates as task execution progresses.
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    Process Wait Screen is meant to generate a wait screen that is display during the execution of a long processes to make the wait more tolerable for the users. It supports displaying wait screens in pages accessed via either GET or POST methods. It also can disable the ability of letting user to repost form. The generated wait screens are ...
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    PHP Threader can be used to trigger the execution of multiple server side scripts via AJAX or PHP sockets. It has an OOP structure allowing adding calling threads methods or communication methods as add-ons with no major changes.PHP Threader comes with two default thread calling methods:- Ajax : in Ajax Method It generates Javascript to trigger the execution of one ...
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