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    Provided by: American Financing. Link Request Contact Form v3.4 is designed to let your friends or clients request to add their website link(s) / banner(s) to your website. User can upload their banner(s) to a directory being a JPG or GIF file for your review before you post their listing(s). Once the user fills in all the details an email ...
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    PHP Link Exchange is a complete link exchanges PHP application for your website. This software is designed as a complement to any website or as a website in its own right. Now you can manage link exchanges. This feature packed software includes a simple installer and can be installed anywhere on your existing site. You can install it in either ...
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    Simple Link Exchange can be used to manage Web page links exchanged between multiple sites.Functions of Simple Link Exchange:- Create a couple of MySQL database tables to store lists of links grouped by categories- Add a new category or list the existing categories- Add a new link, update or delete links, list all links from a category- Validate exchanged back-links, ...
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    LinkExchange provides simple mechanism of managing links exchnage with your site including adding new links, updating and deleting existing and allowing you to check if the backlink to your site is present on target web page.
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    SkaLinks Exchange Script is modern and convenient script, which was specially created for arranging link categories on those sites that employ the reciprocal links exchange concept.Features of SkaLinks Links Exchange Script: - Script installer; - Links exchange; - Advanced backlink verification; - Open editors system;- Multiple editors managing their own categories and links – build an open DMOZ- like directory;- ...
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    Data por extenso is meant to parse a date of a given day and spell it using words in Brazilian Portuguese.
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    CurrencyExchange can be used to convert money amounts between two currencies using the European Central bank currencies XML feed.Features of CurrencyExchange:- It has methods to set the original and the converted currencies.- It may either return the conversion rate or the converted value of a given amount.- It can cache a previously retrieved version of the currencies feed to minimize ...
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    Numbers2words class converts numbers to words. Numbers range from 0 to 999.999.999.999.999. For british (GB) numbers the class must be call with a optional second argument = 1. ]Example:British (GB)n2w('1000000000',1) gives "one milliard"n2w('1000000000000',1) gives "one billion"American (US/FR)n2w('1000000000') gives "one billion"n2w('1000000000000') gives "one trillion"
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    Binary Parser serializes and unserializes binary data, so you can read and write binary data files for exchange with programs written in languages like C and Pascal.Currently Binary Parser is able to handle just the following types: signed integers (small 8 bits, short 16 bits, int 32 bits), unsigned integers (byte 8 bits, word 16 bits, dword 32 bits) and ...
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    CurrencyConverter can convert from USD, CAD, EUR and GBP to over 150 different currencies.
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    Color is meant to transform color tones using different color representation formats. It can convert a color from a colorspace to another: rgb, hsl, cmy, cmyk, xyz, luv.Color can also transform a color tone to make it brighter or darker by using HSL or LUV (also called YUV) colorspace. This is useful for generating different color tones for to define ...
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    A simple expat based XBEL-file parser(XML Bookmark Exchange Language). Used by browsers and bookmark editors to exchange links.Have your own bookmark displayed in a easy way with lot of styling options.
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    Reciprocal link exchange management software that makes it easy to find and contact quality link partners, generate custom link pages that match your site, and keep track of reciprocal links. LinkMachine automatically updates your link pages the instant they're changed - no uploading required. Link exchanges increase a site's targeted traffic, search engine ranking, and sales.
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    Traffic exchnages are great ways to get repeat visitors and free hits to all of your sites. Provide a traffic exchange on your server for free with this continually evolving open source engine.It is PHP based with a MYSQL database and highly customisable, very simple and can suit any given design with a bit of modification. We provide support and ...
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    This stock exchange module works with the Ciamos CMS. Please visit our website to download the latest release of Ciamos. You can view the current stock price of any stock, with results coming directly from Yahoo! Stocks. Very nice interface!
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