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    A WalkerSoftware Text Advert Exchange Script allows webmasters to exchange Text Adverts similar to Google's Adsense across their websites without the need to outlay any cash. The script owner will set a ratio for the exchange that will create an inventory which he can sell. The WalkerSoftware script is an advanced web based promotion tool that allows you to create ...
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    Links Manager is a universal tool introducing link exchange and distribution. If you are a web-master and optimizer, if you promote websites, you will find this script useful.Links Manager will save you from tiresome routine of maintaining link directories, giving you all the tools you need for that. The script will check the availability of a backlink and correctness of ...
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    LinkExchange Creator is Free Automatic Reciprocal Link Exchange Script. It automates the job of exaching links with your link partners. Just need to put the LinkExchange Script on your site, colors of whole interface can be changed through parameter. Features of LinkExchange Creator:- 100% automatic reciprocal link- Link exchange is fully automatic- Increase targeted web site traffic- Very easy to ...
  4. Stack.PHP
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    Stack.PHP is a PHP wrapper for the Stack Exchange API and it is an aggregate of various Q&A sites. It allows retrieving various data from all those sites, through the Stack Exchange API, meanwhile, providing essential services such as caching, request throttling and pagination. Some cool examples are included with the download package. Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or Higher What's New ...
  5. Easy Banner Free
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    Easy Banner is a PHP script for running your own banner exchange system. Members of the banner exchange show banners on their sites and in return their own banner is displayed across the banner exchange. You, as the owner of the banner exchange take part of the banner impressions (you can choose the part, usually 30-50%) for promotion your own ...
  6. Free PHP Ajax Currency Rate Exchanger Calculator
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    Free PHP Ajax Currency Rate Exchanger Calculator is just a script that help you to convert one currency to another in Ajax request. Easy to use, have a try now! Features of Free PHP Ajax Currency Rate Exchanger Calculator:- Convert to and from all currencies.- Customizable and easy to use.- No database required.- No installation required.- Ajax Updates, No reload ...
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    Google is used to search for a question and retrieve the best matching page. Experts Exchange Fetcher retrieve the best match page of experts-exchange.com site from Google search cache. Experts Exchange Fetcher parses that page to extract the question title, question description, question code snippet if available, accepted solution and the code snippet of the accepted solution. Requirements: PHP 5.0 ...
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    Written in PHP and Mysql, Flexphplink pro allows you to easily add, edit or delete links to your site. Subcategory link definition is allowed. Easy for internationalization.The front pro can automatically record the traffic. There is also an admin system to create the categories, generate search engine friendly pages and edit inappropriate links. This is also a great resource to ...
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    An array with two elements, date and currencies, is used to return the information. Pictoru's BNR Parser accesses the BNRO site and retrieves a XML file with the exchange rates values between the Romanian currency and other currencies.Pictoru's BNR Parser parses the results and returns an array with all the exchange rate values and the date to which the rates ...
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    Currency Exchange can be used to obtain exchange rates for various currencies. It accesses remote Web sites of banks and entities that provide currency exchange rate information and parses the site page data to obtain the name, country and exchange rate for each of the supported currencies.Currently Currency Exchange can obtain information about 21 currencies from the Federal Reserve Bank ...
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    Text To Speech takes a text string in either English, Polish or Romanian, and submits a request to the Expressivo text to synthesize the speech audio for the given text.The MP3 stream with the audio of the specified text is retrieved.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    mimedecode.php is a PHP MIME message decoder.
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    BNR official rates accesses the site of the national bank of Romania to retrieve a XML file with the exchange rates between the Romanian currency and other currencies.BNR official rates returns an associative array with entries that associate each currency symbol name to the exchange rate value against the Romanian currency.BNR official rates can also convert the currency symbol into ...
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    Feeds from currencysource are parsed to retrieve the rates used to convert from a currency to others.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Features of Exchange Rate Currency Calculator:- Convert to and from all currencies. - Customizable and easy to use. - No database required. - No installation required.
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