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    This is a PHP error handling script to log and display errors and exceptions. Functions are provided to handle normal errors and exceptions.The script can also registers PHP shutdown functions that can display or write to log files the intercepted errors.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
  2. Lagger
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    Lagger is a PHP script which can be used to handle errors of PHP applications. The package has classes for adding actions for handling any type of errors. Features of Lagger:- Lightweight in size- OOP code- Handle PHP system errors- Handles internal errors- Support for FATAL errors- Custom debug messages- Handles exceptions- Send the error message to an email, STDOUT, ...
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    The package XIRE implements a template engine to create XML, XHTML and other plain text formats. It can be extend using plug-in classes. The templates are defined in a XML format. The tags with the xirl namespace denote template commands that are implemented by the template engine plug-ins. Template errors throw exceptions that can be catched by applications in order ...
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    This package Log Writer can be used to generate error logs for exception handling. Log Writer provides two classes: - one for logging errors to a log file. - one to display the errors as part of the current page script output.
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    Generics allows defining the types of values to be returned by generic classes so they can be checked dynamically at run-time. When the defined type does not match returned values exceptions are given. Requirements: PHP 5.02 or higher
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    A specified exception can be thrown if it is equal or greater than a pre-defined trigger level number with Exceptions Manager. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    PHP Debugger and Helper can be use to help debugging PHP applications. It can capture and log any errors and thrown exceptions even when PHP error reporting options are disabled.The logged errors are translated into more readable error messages providing hints for possible fixes that may need to be applied to the faulty code. The messages can be localized to ...
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    A MySQLi object that establishes the database connection is created. Pablosky MySQL executes SQL queries, retrieve results into arrays, retrieve the number of result rows, result column names and last inserted identifier.When an error occurs, Pablosky MySQL throws exceptions.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Package Exception Error sets the PHP error handler function to point to a class function that will throw exceptions when an error occurs. Exceptions of different classes are thrown according to the type of PHP errors.All exception classes are derived from a common base class that can return the details about the script and the line of the code on ...
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    IdealMySQL Database Class for MySQL is a MySQL class I wrote to use in my programs. IdealMySQL Database Class for MySQL will allow you to do the following: - Connect to a mysql database - Query a mysql database to include * INSERT|DELETE|UPDATE|REPL ACE|DROP * SELECT|SHOW|DESCRIBE|EXPL AIN - Catch errors and email them to the admin - Check variables to ...
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    mabp::request can be used for validating the values of HTTP request variables such as $_GET, $_POST, $_REQUEST, $_COOKIE, etc..mabp::request can validate request values against a list of expected type values like : integers, decimal numbers, booleans, alphanumeric text, HTML text, arrays, etc..Invalid variables may be replaced with default values. The class throws an exception for invalid variables without a default ...
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    Error Reporter is a simple class that can be used to handle exceptions.Error Reporter displays information of the list of classes and functions from which it was called the code that triggered an exception.Error Reporter generates HTML lists of links that use Javascript to show more detail about each entry in the exception call stack.
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