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    A specified worksheet is being traversed and the information from a specified cell range is being read. The worksheet data can be outputted in an HTML table.
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    SQL to Excel is meant to export spreadsheet information in the Excel XLS format.SQL to Excel consists in a base class that is capable of generating the contents of an XLS file given the values of the spreadsheet cells. There is also a sub-class that can query a MySQL database and use the base class to generate the contents of ...
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    Excel XML Parser can be used to read and write data to Excel worksheets in the Excel XML format.Excel XML Parser can parse an Excel document file in the XML format and create objects to access the file workbook, worksheets, table, cells, etc..The contents of the document may also be altered and saved to an Excel XML file or served ...
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    Excel Reader opens an Excel spreadsheet using ODBC given a previously defined DSN (data source name) pointing to an existing Excel spreadsheet file.Queries can be executed to retrieve the list of sheets in a spreadsheet, the names of columns of each sheet or the data in the cells as an array.Requirements:PHP 4.3.4 or higher
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    The documents can also be opened with OpenOffice if their extension is .xmlRequirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    All the basic values for cells, such as strings or numbers, are supported. Spreadsheet_WriteExcel has support for fomulas, images (BMP) and URLs.Limitations:Spreadsheet_WriteExcel doesn't support charts.
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    XLS files may be read and written using PHP fopen, fread or fwrite, or any other PHP functions that can access to streams.The file name has the format xlsfile://path/to/spreadsheet.xls where /path/to/spreadsheet.xls is the path of the actual spreadsheet file to be read or written.To create a XLS file just pass a serialized array of spreadsheet row arrays that associate the ...
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    A small but effective utility module that can create .xls .xlr .doc .txt .ppt .rtf and .csv files. You just pass the data and a filename. It can also capture print output (from echo statements) and send that to a file.A demo module is included to show how to create the data for the various file types. The most effective ...
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    This application will convert all data submited by an HTML form to a CSV table located in the same folder as the script. The generated CSV file follows the RFC4180 standarts and can be opened in Excel or in any other Spreadsheet software.
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    Browse Edit displays results of sql statements in a browseable and editable format akin to a excel or Access. Easy, editable displays of columnar data.Features of Browse Edit:- Columns have headers that allow sort order to be changed by clicking on them- Display may be editable or read only- SelectBox (drop down list)- CheckBox- Hideable columns- Editable title bar and ...
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    csv_bv can be used to parse and retrieve data from CSV files either in the standard or MS Excel format. Two methods are provided to either process the file a line at a time or return the whole csv file as an array.Functions of csv_bv:- Handle line breaks within quoted fields- Support different character separator (usually a comma or semicolon) ...
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    Easy Excel outputs Excel spreadsheets and charts from the data obtained from a MySQL database using the Office Web Component objects from Microsoft.Easy Excel generates HTML pages with the necessary VBScript code to define the contents of the Office Web component spreadsheet and chart objects.To see the generated pages the user needs to use Internet Explorer and have installed Microsoft ...
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    apgForm is a PHP file capable of processing web forms and saving them directly into an Excel file. apgForm receives any form with any number of textboxes, radio buttons, drop-down menus, hidden fields, and password boxes and saves them to an Excel file. It can receive the form regardless of the way it was sent (POST, or GET.) apgForm requires ...
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    Upload your CVS converted MS Excel or Text files to your Mysql database very easily with this simple little script. You can use it independently or integrate into your existing script.Free to download for non commercial use. Visit our site for more FREE stuff.
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    psxlsgen includes some classes which are used to generate very simple MS Excel file (xls) via PHP. The generated xls file can be obtained by web as a stream file or can be written under $default_dir path.psxlsgen has very simple usage to generate xls file from a select query using mysql, pgsql, oci8 databases.Limitation:Max character size of a text(label) cell ...
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