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    Jabber Client is an event-driven Jabber client class implementation. This library allows PHP scripts to connect to and communicate with Jabber servers.
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    Event Notifier is meant to manage events and listeners which are basically functions that are called when an event of a given name occurs. The class provides a function to register listener callback functions for a given event type.There is also another function to trigger the notification of an event. When an event occurs, this class function calls the registered ...
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    PHP iCalWriter includes a set of classes to help the simple creation of iCalendar-files. It provides the easiest means to write a PHP calendar without or without as little knowledge as possible of RFC 2445, in which the iCalendar-format is described. iCalWriter aims to create .ics files in a simple way.
  4. Proverbs Web Calendar
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    This web event PHP calendar using MySQL to stroe database. And it is viewed initially in month format with a separate page detailing the events of each day as they clicked on. Proverbs Web Calendar is customizable within a single file, which allows changes to the title, chooses colors, starts day of the week, display language, time format (24hr/12hr), and ...
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