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    The output of the cal command for a given month is formatted and inserted into a HTML table.
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    phpMyMenu can be used to generate context menus that show when the menu mouse (usually the right) button is clicked.phpMyMenu can add menus and menu items that appear when the menu mouse button is clicked over a page element with a given identifier. Each menu item is associated with link URLs or JavaScript code that is executed when the item ...
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    Simple Calendar can display a calendar of a given month and year in an HTML table. It also displays the current day of the month in English.Sunday or Monday can be used as the first day of the week.The calendar background colors can be configured according to the month of the year to display. Other presentation details can be configured ...
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    The current month is the default and the current day is highlighted.
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    CalMem class can display month calendars, highlighting the days of events that were previously stored in a MySQL database.CalMem can be used to present different calendars for multiple users as the event database records contain the identification of the user that records each event.
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    If configured with alarm times it makes an alarm clock and may announce web page specific events, ie. a sports page may announce the beginning of a match.servertime generates output in English or in German, with support for either long or short month names. It works with the browsers: Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla and Opera.JavaScript support is required on the ...
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    Event calendar class can be used to draw month calendars of events with diffenent colors. Events from MySQL database. Multiple events per day is also possible. For a particular event Event details is also available.Event calendar class can render a calendar as an HTML table with all days of all the weeks of a given month.It queries an events table ...
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    Events and journal entries can be added, while to-do items can be listed. The base class can display the generated calendar as the current script output or serve it for download.Requirements:PHP 5.1 or higher
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    Calendar Events can display calendars that act as a Web interface to manage events and important dates recorded in a MySQL database.Calendar Events presents month calendars with links that can be used to add an event record to a given data, alter the event details, delete an event record and show more details about a given event.
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    Drevo Export can be used to export event dates like birth dates from Drevo tool to Google Calendar.It can parse Drevo XML files to extract event data. Then it can communicate with Google Calendar site and submit the event data to a given user calendar.Requirements: PHP 5.0
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    Cron Tab Eval can be used to check whether is time to run a periodical task scheduled with a crontab-like task periodic event definition. It takes a string that defines the minute, hour, day and month of when a periodic event should be triggered.Cron Tab Eval compares the event scheduling definition with the current or a specific timestamp and determines ...
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    Event Logger can be used to log events to a MySQL database or a file. It can add event entries to a log that later may be stored in a file or a MySQL database.The logged entries follow a configurable template that defines the number and types of details that each entry contains. Event Logger may also parse and extract ...
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    Event can be used to register event handlers and trigger the execution of actions when an event occurs.There are several classes that take care about registering objects that process events, trigger the execution of actions when an event is triggered, retrieving detailed information about the events.Requirements: PHP 5.1
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    PHP Ajax can be used to build AJAX applications with only PHP, thus without needing to write Javascript code. The base class can manage all the AJAX interactions between the browser and the Web server.Applications just need to define sub-classes that define how PHP needs to respond to different events of the page like generating a response to AJAX requests, ...
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    phpEventCalendar is a mysql backed application that allows users to post and display events or notes on month-at-a-glance calendar. Because only authorized users can add events or posts, the calendar is perfect for organizations that want to communicate upcoming events to a larger audience. phpEventCalendar comes with a user administration panel, and two user levels. One user type can post ...
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