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    Having the days and months names in multiple languages is supported.
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    Holidays of interest can be added or removed easily. Gregorian, Hewbrew, and Islamic calendar utility functions are included.
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    kiwiLogger creates an instance of the Kiwi logger component and sets it to connect to a given log servers. It can compose and send messages about the events to be logged and send them to the log server.Klog_COM from the Kiwi Syslog site, as well as the MSWINSCK.OCX and MSVBVM60.DLL files, are required.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    The calendar of a specified month can be displayed in an HTML table. Simple Event calendar can read events defined in a file and mark them in the calendar in a different way.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Persian Calendar With Navigation In Month And Year can display an HTML table with the current month of the Persian calendar. Links to browse calendars of other months and years are displayed in the table.Requirements:PHP 4.1 or higher
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    Logger consists of several interfaces and classes that applications can instantiate to define which kind of events they want to handle in each specific situation.The data can also be exported to different type of event logging containers.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    The width of the calendar table can be configured. Leap years are handled correctly.
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    Based on Observer design patterns, Event Driven can be used to implement several abstract scripts for processing events and registering event listerers. It manages the processing of abstract evens that may occuring during the execution of a script. This free PHP script may be extended by scripts to handle application specific concrete event handlers.
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    The events are displayed with different colors and feature dynamic hints.
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    A new page and frame target can be specified to get notified of the chosen date.The generated HTML builds a table using CSS class attributes, so the look and feel of the display can be customized.
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    JavaScript code written by Johannes Thomann from the Orientalisches Seminar der Universität Zürich, has inspired this algorithm.
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    The months and years can be browsed and links pointing to some URLs can be set for each day.
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    iCalcreator is a PHP script for managing iCal formatted files for non-calendar systems like CMS, project management systems and other applications able to process calendar information like agendas, tasks, reports, totos, journaling data and for communication with calendar systems and applications. iCalcreator is built of a single class file with a simple interface and are calendar component property oriented. It ...
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    There is one class that can convert dates from the Gregorian to the Jalali calendar and vice-versa. Another class can determine the first day and the number of days of a given Jalali month.Tool tips associated to page elements, containing more details about calendar events, can be displayed through by an add-on class.Requirements: PHP 4 or higher
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    iCalendar Parser open an iCalendar definition from a local file or remote URL and extract the list of events and its properties. A class array variable is used to store the parsed iCalendar information.
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