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    DB Layer is database abstraction layer to access all supported databases using a single calling convention. It supports multiple databases using dedicated sub-classes.Features of DB Layer:- Error handler.- Result Pagination- Supported databases: MySQL , PostegreSQL.
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    PHP MySQL Error reporting is a simple class that can be used to process errors that occur during an access to a MySQL database.PHP MySQL Error reporting can establish a MySQL database server connection using given database connection parameters. It also provides means to process any errors of execution of failed MySQL database access operations that use the connection established ...
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    base_mysql uses only methods avoiding a direct access to the internal variables (means no public variables).Features of base_mysql:- Debug messages (can be activate or not);- Error handling (can be activate or not);- Basic MySQL functions.The main idea of base_mysql is to use only methods avoiding a direct access to the internal variables (means no public variables).
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    Locked Session Handler is custom session handler that allows for values stored in the session variables to be locked to prevent changes.The class provides functions to set, retrieve, check and delete session variable values, as well functions to lock and unlock given session variables.The names of locked variables are added to a special session variable array. If a script attempts ...
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    Error Handler classes is meant to assist in debugging of PHP scripts by handling execution errors outputing formatted error context information.Error Handler classes includes utitilty functions to show the source code where the errors appear.
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    ErrorHandler classes is a powerful wrapper for PHP error-reporting features. It helps when developing new scripts and monitoring sites in production state, too.ErrorHandler classes has several enhancements (previously known as report layouts):- SOURCE = prints the source code fragment where the error encountered,- CONTEXT = prints variable context around error source,- SILENT mode = suppresses error-messages- REPLACE page = displays ...
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    Email Attachments and HTML Support sends email and allows for multiple attachments and text or HTML emails. Simple to use and handles all errors and header complications from the user. Attach files using $email->Attach.
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    Features of ntSimpleForm:- simple validation (ie: is numeric, is alpha) - returns to the form with proper error messages (ie: for validation, required fields) - required fields - email a copy of the submission results to the sender and/or a recipient - save submission results to a flat file - email address validation - direct the user to a "success" ...
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    This addon for phpWebSite 0.8.2 is displayed when a user hits a nonexistent page on the site (instead of the generic HTTP error pages). Works with Apache (maybe others too). User gets a page that has possible suggestions for errors, list of most popular pages, and a search box. It can even email the webmaster when the page is hit.
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    This script lets you handle your 404 and 500 errors a bit more effectively. When a page is not found or a script crashes, the visitor is shown a page that you've customized to match the look of your web site.Since you can customize the page, you can add a link to your search engine, your site map, et cetera. ...
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