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    MoxieLogger is contained in one PHP class but it still has some powerful features to log error and debug messages.Key Features of MoxieLogger:- Log levels.- Log rotation.- Message format configuration.- File name format configuration.
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    The user can even select which errors to show or not.Key Features of PHP ErrorHandler:- Complete, Readable, Secure Error Backtrace- Ignoring of unwanted Errors(you can develop with E_STRICT, and dont need to @ all library calls)- Can halt the execution after the first Error, preventing database corruption/data-loss- Read current errors in your RSS Reader- Have a full backtrace in your ...
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    IdealMySQL Database Class for MySQL is a MySQL class I wrote to use in my programs. IdealMySQL Database Class for MySQL will allow you to do the following: - Connect to a mysql database - Query a mysql database to include * INSERT|DELETE|UPDATE|REPL ACE|DROP * SELECT|SHOW|DESCRIBE|EXPL AIN - Catch errors and email them to the admin - Check variables to ...
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    EmanonPHP Framework is a library of classes for Web application development.EmanonPHP Framework provides a base application class that manages application global values and other resources used by the application pages.There are also several other general purpose classes for accessing databases, session handling, error handling, etc..
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    Interbase with error logging is an Interbase database access wrapper. It can establish and close database connections and execute SQL queries.Interbase with error logging can log connection errors to a text file and query execution errors in special table named buglog. The SQL code for creating this table is provided with this class package.
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    RSS Error can be used to generate RSS feeds from PHP error logs. It extends the EasyRSS class written by Paulius Lescinskas and generates an RSS 2.0 feed from the lines of a PHP error log file.The access to the generated RSS feed can be protected with a password. The feed items URL link to respective line or error source ...
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    RS Error can be used to handle PHP or PEAR triggered errors.RS Error can either display the error messages or append the messages to a log file. The PHP error codes can be displayed in a more human readable format.
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    Error Reporter is a simple class that can be used to handle exceptions.Error Reporter displays information of the list of classes and functions from which it was called the code that triggered an exception.Error Reporter generates HTML lists of links that use Javascript to show more detail about each entry in the exception call stack.
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    QMySQL allows to connect and query MySQL server and keep track of the count of executed queries and returned errors.
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    MM::CLog can be used to log and display error messages in popup browser windows. The error messages are defined by objects of the error class or derived classes.The base error message texts can be internationalized. Those texts are retrieved with an external locale message class.
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    The goal of geraSql.php is to generate SQL code according to parameters defined by the developer. Its main advantage is to reduce the probability of SQL programming errors.
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    Hybrid MySQL is a lightweight wrapper to access MySQL databases.Functions of Hybrid MySQL:- Open and close MySQL database connections- Execute SQL queries- Fetch the query results as array, associative arrays or objects- Get number of returned query result rows- Display failure error messages
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    mysqlRecordSet creates a MySQL connection and records set objects with support for error reporting.
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    Class to control the access the pages of a site. It is not necessary MySQL or other database. The class logs warnings and errors to files.
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    xError is a generic error reporting and handling class. It may be used for debugging and/or monitoring purposes. The basic concept is to define as many errors as needed for the application. These errors may be declared as 'fatal' or 'non-fatal' errors.Whenever an error is encountered during the execution of the program, xError checks whether it is classified as 'fatal' ...
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