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    The uploaded image files can be previewed. class UpLoad also provides some error control.
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    Logging is a class to handle the logging of errors, notices and other application messages. It has built-in functionality to write to STDERR (usually the error_log), STDOUT (just the Web page) or any supplied file.
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    Simple logging class that allows to log the events calling DLog directly or as an error handler. For each error type, you may specify how to log the information.Features of DLog:- Send an e-mail- Write to a log file- Record in a database (MySQL or MSSQL are supported, but you can extend the class to support other databases)- Display the ...
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    Log watcher is meant to poll log files and take any newly added lines and send them to a given watcher e-mail address.Although Log watcher can be used to poll any type of log files, it was developed with the intention to overcome a limitation of the PHP error trapping system that is not able to capture certain types of ...
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    Type Hint Class replaces the current PHP error handler, that performs enhanced type checking of the types of parameters when functions are called.Several classes are provided to perform type checking of parameters of base types: boolean, float, integer, string, resource, callable.There are additional classes for strict type checking of float and string values. These classes do not accept values of ...
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    Smart URI can be used to wrap the service of the requests to all pages of a site using a single PHP script. It takes as argument an array that defines the mapping patterns of request URI to wrapper scripts that should be executed within a safe container when the given URI patterns are matched.If a wrapper script sets an ...
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    An error handler callback function that may execute several types of actions when a PHP runtime error is triggered, is provided.Currently Error Handler Class can either log the errors to a file, send a message to a given e-mail address, or show the error details on the current page if the user is a developer accessing the site from machine ...
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    Messages about an incident that occurred, are composed and sent to a specified recipient.The message includes details about the error such as the script name, the error line number, the current request script, the user IP address, the request referrer, the user browser and a backtrace of the stack of functions that triggered the error.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Package Exception Error sets the PHP error handler function to point to a class function that will throw exceptions when an error occurs. Exceptions of different classes are thrown according to the type of PHP errors.All exception classes are derived from a common base class that can return the details about the script and the line of the code on ...
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    Error Management provides scripts for generating pages to add, search, list and edit reports of error occurrences. The occurrence records get stored in a MySQL database.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Apache or MySQL log files can be opened, parsed and several details can be extracted. The extracted log file details are returned by My Error Log Parsing in PHP in arrays.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    The pages corresponding to the given URLs are verified one by one. URL test displays the list of pages that returned error codes and which are accessible.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    error_manager is a simple class that can be used to keep track of multiple application error messages. It can add error messages to a list that can be retrieved and displayed later.The code can be easily be customized to suit your needs.
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    Feighens Error Class can be used to display application errors in HTML pages. The constructor function takes an application error message string that is displayed along with a dump of the request POST or GET variables.If possible, Feighens Error Class also shows a backtrace of all functions that were called to reach the point where the error is triggered, as ...
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    Event Logger can be used to log events to a MySQL database or a file. It can add event entries to a log that later may be stored in a file or a MySQL database.The logged entries follow a configurable template that defines the number and types of details that each entry contains. Event Logger may also parse and extract ...
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