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    An error request URL can be cleaned of punctuation and white spaces. Error-access can return the words in the request URL so they can be used to perform searches for the correct the user may be looking for. Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    mailLogger takes an array or object with information to be logged and generates a text string that is appended to a log file. An e-mail message can also be sent to a specified address containing the log information. Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Two interfaces that define an API for loading classes and handling errors, are provided. Applications must define one or more classes that implements the auto-loading interface. Multiple auto-load classes may be implemented to handle loading of classes of different libraries. spAutoLoad takes care of loading classes calling each auto-loading class implementation that was added. An optional class that implements the ...
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    The string is split into php and HTML sections, with each php section being evaluated and the HTML ones displayed in their current form. A web based editor that makes use of the MixedEval class is also included. The editor may be helpful for learning php.MixedEval allows the user to create a variable number of textareas, each of which can ...
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    Message Handler generates HTML that display a given error message next to an icon image that denotes the type of message.Icons are provided for information, warning, error, success and stop message types.
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    Displays mandatory and no mandatory fields with a custom font, style and action. form utils can also display the error list with a personalized non-web-standard font.
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    RHC is actually a few files which give the user the ability to do custom error handling, debugging, and handle database abstraction (currently works through INFORMIX and ODBC).
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    CLog Class class can be used to log errors to the current page, to a file or send by e-mail. It can process errors with different levels: debug, notice, warning, fatal and non-fatal error.An error handler function is also provided to override the default PHP error handler.
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    PHPLogger can open separate log files to write error log messages depending on the error severity levels. Several error severity levels are available: debug, info, notice, warning and error.Error messages of all severity levels are written to the default error log file. Error and warning messages are also written to separate files.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    bib_errors can be used to intercept runtime errors of PHP scripts. It registers a PHP error handler function that outputs the details about the errors to a given log file.The errors may also be displayed as part of the current script output or sent by a given e-mail address to let the site administration or developer react promptly. Now has ...
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    oDebug can perform several actions that help debugging PHP scripts like displaying PHP environment variables, included scripts, run-time errors, the time a page took to generate or database queries took to execute.The tracked debug information can be displayed in HTML tables.Requirements: - PHP 5.0 or Higher
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    OO shell scripts using PHP starts by opening the standard input, output and error streams. Functions of OO shell scripts using PHP is to read and write the standard streams, as well as execute arbitrary commands, are provided.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    A log file can be updated with new lines. When the log file is updated it can limit the number of lines that are stored by discarding older lines if necessary.Limitations: The code and the comments are written in Portuguese
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    Simple error handling class can enable PHP execution error logging setting the file that logs error messages. It provides an error handler function that outputs a stack back-trace with the functions, arguments, file and lines of where an error occurs, as well the values of super-global variables $_GET, $_POST and $_FILES, and also the IP address of the current user ...
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    Outputting to the current page supports HTML, making the display of multi-line messages possible. When writting the log to a file it can start by truncating the file or appending the new log lines at the end of an existing file.In debug mode, oolog marks the log output to notice the lines being added as debug mode. For error messages ...
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