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  1. phpEquations
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    This is a self-contained PHP script for calculating mathematical equations via PHP code alone, without any dependency on external libraries or softwareThis small script is a life-saver for developers that have problems solving math equations.phpEquations lets the user input his equations and provides a matrix with the results.phpEquations can be used in engineering, applied sciences and in the educational sector, ...
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    This class can be used to solve cubic equations. It takes the values of the coefficients and determines the roots of the cubic equation. Requirement: PHP 5.0 or Higher
  3. Equation
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    This package can be used to evaluate and render polynomial equations.It can take an array of coefficients of a polynomial equation and can evaluate it for a given x value.It can also generate HTML to render the equation in a Web page.
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    Quadratic Equation Solver takes as parameters the coefficients a, b and c and the precision of the root values. The quadratic equation roots are calculated returned in an array. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Equation Operating System does not resort to the PHP eval() function to help prevent security risks of using malicious expression values for instance with a calculator that takes expressions defined by the users.Equation Operating System comes with a sub-class that can produce graphic charts plotting the curve defined by the equation expression withing a given range of x and y ...
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    bNewton Newton's binomial theorem to solve and to display equations. It can determine the binomial coefficients and show an equivalent equation.You can use bNewton to get result to binomial number too.
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