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  1. My Envato
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    My Envato is a WordPress sidebar widget to list a user's most recent Envato products. The "My Envato" plugin can be used by Envato sellers to showcase their 25 most recent products, or by affiliate marketers to boost up their intermediary sales (some coding might be required). Once configured and published, the widget will retrieve the user's most recent products ...
  2. CloudWork Verifi
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    CloudWork Verifi is a WordPress plugin to allow user registration only for Envato clients. Envato is a collection of open marketplaces where normal people can sell anything from tutorials, audio files, graphics, Web templates, CMS themes, plugins, code, videos, photos, and many other more. If you manage to get a massive client base selling your materials on Envato, you might ...
  3. Envato-Marketplace-API-Wrapper-in-PHP
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    This is a PHP wrapper for the Envato marketplaces API. Authors can pass it an API key and use it to retrieve details about their account and operations.The Envato marketplaces are:- GraphicRiver- PhotoDune- ThemeForest- ActiveDen- AudioJungle- VideoHive- 3DOcean- CodeCanyon- Tutorials MarketplaceFeatures of Envato-Marketplace-API-Wrapper-in-PHP:- Get marketplace item thumbnails- Search for a term across all marketplaces- Limit search results to a specific ...
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