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    This class can be used to convert words to "leet" speak and vice-versa. It can take a string with English words and convert the letters to the corresponding in "leet" speak. The class can also do the opposite, i.e. take a string with words in "leet" speak and convert them to the original in English.Requirements: PHP 4.0.5 or higher
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    The extended representation of extensive is in English.
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    Smart Meta Generator takes a string with the tags and data of an HTML page, remove the HTML tags and analyzes the remaining data to determine which keywords can be used to associate with the HTML page.Common and unintelligible words, as well as a list of specified words can be removed, before determining the page keywords. There are versions of ...
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    Integers to words takes a number between 1 and 99999999 and converts it into words that express the number in English. Crores and Lakhs are used to express very high numbers.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    This PHP class is a fairly faithful implementation of the Porter Stemming algorithm for reducing English words to their stems. The primary use of stemming words is in keyword indexing, if you're building a search application.
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    Porter Stemming Algorithm is a fairly faithful implementation of the Porter stemming algorithm that reduces English words to their stems.There is a deviation in the way compound words are stemmed, such as hyphenated words and words starting with certain prefixes. For instance, "international" should be reduced to "internation" and not "intern," but an unmodified version of the alorithm will do ...
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    Dict Translator can be used to translate words between Polish and English and vice-versa. It connects to the dict.pl site to perform the translation of given words and retrieve the translation results.Dict Translator returns an associative array that relates the original words and the respective translations.
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    Akelos PHP Inflector can be used to determine the plural and singular form of English nouns.Akelos PHP Inflector is a port of Ruby on Rails Inflector package. It also can convert the case of letters of names using several different styles like UpperCamelCase, lowerCamelCase, underscored_words, Header Title or just normal text.Akelos PHP Inflector can be useful to creating user friendly ...
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    Text 2 Phonome can be used to convert English text to the respective phonome representation. It provides options for delimiting sentences, words and phonomes themseleves for further processing ie. thru flash etc.
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    Backup program for MySQL databases that creates MySQL database backup files on your server. The backup files are in the same format as the phpmyadmin dump files. Simple installation. Optional german or english language. Comments in German and english.
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