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    TA_OpenSSL encrypts and decrypts data using RSA certificates and the openssl extension. It can verify the resulting data after encrypting to ensure proper recovery.TA_OpenSSL supports error handling and localization to present the class messages in different idioms. This package includes test public and private key files along with instructions on how to create your own key files.
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    Class.DB.php is capable of managing a database based on text files in the CSV format. It runs integrated in PHP scripts and so it does not need a separate server.Class.DB.php features file encryption and basic database management operations: find, replace and delete records. It operates with numeric or associative field names. It also also has a useful append mode for ...
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    EncDec is meant to encrypt or decrypt strings of data.It uses a secret hash string to apply the xor operation to the bytes of the data that is processed. The resulting encrypted data is encoded as hexadecimal digits.
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    RC4 aka CipherSaber (v1 and v2) encryption and decryption with built in base64 encoding/decoding.
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    encrypt.lib, Encryption library for php.
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    CAST 128 Encryption and Decryption implements the CAST 128 encryption and description algorithms using pure PHP code. It encrypt or decrypt data using a key that should be specified as parameter.Before using this class, make sure it will not violate any laws regarding the use of strong encryption of data in your country. It is known to be fine for ...
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    My session is a class that manages user access sessions by storing session data in a MySQL database.This session storage method is more secure than the session system of PHP that by default stores session data in files.The class may optionally encrypt the stored session data.
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    Email Crypt converts an email mailto: links to Javascript to to make it more difficult for the robots that spammers use to harvest the addresses by crawling the Web pages of a site.
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    gnuPG class provides an PHP interface to use the functionality of gnuPG to encrypt and decrypt data and manipulate encryption keys.The implemented functionality includes:- GenKey: generate a new key.- Encrypt: encrypt any content- Decrypt: decrypt previously encrypted content- Export: export a key- Import: import a key block- ListKeys: list the keys in the key ring- DeleteKey: delete a key from ...
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    Encrypt MD5 64 implements an algorithm that uses the MD5 digest of a key to encrypt and decrypt data.The encrypted data is encoded with the base 64 algorithm to return the resulting data in a plain ASCII text string.
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    SSH in PHP implements a SSH client to securely execute shell commands in a remote server using an encrypted communications channel. This class is not based on any PHP extension specifically meant to implement the SSH protocol. It only requires the PHP extensions bcmath and mcrypt.SSH in PHP can connect to a SSH server, authenticate with given user and password, ...
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    SNEAK (Snarkles.Net Encryption Assortment Kit) is a simple script that allows you to enter text into a web form and easily convert to and from several different encryption/encoding/obfuscation methods.Currently supports ASCII <-> binary <-> hex, DES crypt, MD5 crypt, Base64 encode/decode, HTML entity encode/decode, URL encode/decode, l33tsp34k, igpay atinlay, ROT-13, and sdrawkcab. New version includes a Caesar cipher bruteforce option!
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    PHP Screw is a PHP script encryption tool. When you are developing a commercial package using PHP, the script can be distributed as encrypted up until just before execution, preserving your intellectual property.Requirements:- PHP4.xNOTICE: PHP must be compiled with the "--with-zlib" option. Check that PHP has zlib compiled in it with the PHP script: "" If PHP knows about the ...
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