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    LSM Crypt Cookie is a simple class that can store encrypted values in cookies using a secret key. It can generate an encrypted version of a text value using a secret key and store it in a cookie.Whenever LSM Crypt Cookie is necessary to recover the original value, the class can decrypt the value stored in the cookie using the ...
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    Secure Cookie can create a cookie and store data in the cookie encrypting it using a given key. Data can also be retrieved from a cookie, by decrypting it with the same key.Cookies may also be deleted with Secure Cookie.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    A data block can be encrypted using a specified key. The encrypted data is returned encoded with a variant of the base64 encoding algorithm that replaces +, / and = characters by -, _ and empty string.Encryption Class can also do the opposite, i.e. decrypt the data with the same key after decoding the base64 encoded encrypted data.Requirements: - PHP ...
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    gksEncrypt uses RSA private and public keys to encrypt and decrypt the data. A private and public key pair with a specified bit length is generated.Requirements: PHP 5.2 or higher
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    gEncrypter takes a key to generate a new alphabet that defines how the data to be encrypted should be encoded. The encrypted text can also be decrypted using the same key.Requirements: PHP 3 or higher
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    Messages for one or more recipients can be composed using To:, CC:, or BCC: headers. The messages may have custom headers, a text part, an HTML part, both text and HTML, and other types of data.SMTPs supports sending attachments and signing or encrypting message data using GPG. The delivery is done relaying on a SMTP server. The LOGIN authentication method ...
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    A defined key is used to perform the encryption and decryption.
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    Custom Encrypt Class takes a data string and applies a given hashing function. The hashing may be repeated a number of times over the resulting hashed data.Hashing functions like MD5 or SHA1 or custom ones can be applied.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Crypter is capable of decrypting the data back to its original form.
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    MailCrypter allows for easy scrambling of email addresses found in mailto links.The links are automatically descrambled when viewed in a javascript enabled browser, but should be invisible to email harvesting programs.
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    Encode Cookie is meant to store and retrieve information in cookies securely by using secret encryption key.
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    AzDGMailCrypt is a very simple, but very powerfull and quickly class for mail crypting. It allows you to encrypt mails for keeping the spam bots away.
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    secShield takes a string with a list of parameters like the query parameters of an URL. It returns a string with the parameters encrypted with a secret key that should be used as a single parameter in a link URL.The integrity of the parameters can be verified and they can be decrypted. If the encrypted parameters are not valid in ...
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    Secure URL uses encoder to encrypt URL parameters. It uses PHP output buffer capture support to automatically process the URLs of the links and forms of the current page.The URLs which are to be altered can optionally be restricted through filters. When the current page using the class is loaded, it decrypts the parameter variables and updates the respective global ...
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    The GNU Privacy Guard (GNUPG) is used for the encryption.
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