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  1. OpenPGP.php
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    A PHP script implementing the OpenPGP Message Format, the most widely used as email encryption and security standard in the WorldDefined by the RFC 4880 standard the script can encode and decode ASCII-protected OpenPGP messages.OpenPGP.php is currently used with the OpenPGP Drupal module.Features of OpenPGP.php:- Can handle encode and decode operations- Can parse OpenPGP messages- PGP 2.6.x compliant- Supports RFC ...
  2. PHP_Blowfish
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    PHP_Blowfish is a PHP script for working with the Blowfish encryption algorithms, which supports both CBC and ECB Blowfish algorithms. All encryption code is self-contained, with no loading of external libraries. A demo is included with the download package. Requirements:- PHP 5 or Higher
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    This class can be used to generate an hash of string applying MD5 several times. It takes a given string and applies the MD5 hashing algorithm several times to make it much harder revert to the original string. Requirement: PHP 5.0 or Higher
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    It provides a main database interface class to encrypt properties, load the right driver, import or export the encrypted object. Abstraction is made by drivers that permite you to use natives functions of php plus methods to prepare, buffer, or execute queries and retrieve results.MySQLi, MySQL and PostgreSQL are currently the supported drivers. You can easily create your own drivers ...
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    GPGSend is a PHP script to send a GnuPG encrypted email from a form.Requirements:- Apache (with mod_action), - PHP running as a CGI, CGIwrap, - GnuPG.
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    GNU pgp can generate, list, import, export and remove keys from the keyring. The script GNU pgp also encrypts and decrypts messages using PGP (Pretty Good Privacy).
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    You ever wanted to establish an crypted connection between a server and a client? Perhaps we have a free solution for you: Transcrypt. The content gets crypted the the ARC4 (RC4 cmpatible) algorithm and sent to the client. The client can see the content after entering the password.
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    Expire Class is the generated code is encrypted using MD5. Of course, the script can also decrypt the generated code and check if it has expired. Requirements: PHP 4 or higher What's New in This Release Expire Class:- Change the AzDGCrypt.class.inc.php include location.- Change the class name from expire to Expire.
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    Autenticacao queries the MySQL database using an ADODB package to create or delete user records. The user passwords are stored as MD5 or SHA1 hashes, based on user settings. Key Features of Autenticacao:- Add Users;- Remove Users;- Search Information Session;- Easy to implement with Smarty;- All the columns and tables in MySQL are customizable;- The programmer can choose not to ...
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    With Simple Login Class, passwords are kept in a text file using a base64 encryption with MD5 and SHA1 hashing. All in an addition to a Strrev function. It can create records of users which are stored in text files. The script can also authenticate users by looking up the record text files and check if the supplied password matches ...
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    Secure Session Management can create a session variable and assign values of the current user that are encrypted before stored and decrypted after being retrieved. The user values assigned to the current session can also be deleted. Secure Session Management can also store a flash message in HTML to always be displayed to the current user. Requirements: PHP 5.1 or ...
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    PHP Encrypt/Decrypt Text! includes an encrypt and decrypt function that will change normal text into an encrypted version using PHP's strtr(); function. It basically changes every known character in the arrays to a different character, ex: a=>9, b=>é, c=>r, etc. Note: This script uses a very easy algorithm, if it could even be considered that, and isn't recommended for extremely ...
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    PHP Profuscator is a php script that encrypts and/or obfuscates php and html contents using one of four possible methods. Some methods are more secure, making it possible to lock the scripts on your server so they would not run anywhere else if copied or moved.
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    With the script PHP Hash Generator, just enter in any string you would like hashed in the selected format, or all formats by clicking all encryptions, and the results will be displayed under OUTPUT. Very simple and easy to use! Only Feature of PHP Hash Generator:- encryption and no decryption. The available encryptions are: - MD5, - MD4, - SHA-1, ...
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    Session Cookie Class can set values for a group of variables and store an encrypted version in an cookie with a given name. The script can also handle decrypting the cookie and retrieving the original values. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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