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    morse class is a short class for encoding or decoding morse signs.input: this is my 1st morseoutput: - .... .. ... .. ... -- -.-- .---- ... - -- --- .-. ... .
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    Chinese Text Conversion is meant to convert Chinese between different encoding types. Currently, the following encoding types are supported: GB-2312, Big5, Unicode (UTF-8).
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    JPEncodeClass can can encode and decode text strings according to a pattern that defines a sequence of actions to manipulate the strings.The supported actions are: revert the text order, invert the text characters case and encode or decode in base64 format. The pattern of sequence actions can be given as parameter or generated randomly.
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    Hippo Picture Base64 Encode can encode GIF or JPEG image files in the form of PHP script file that serves the original files when it is executed. The class can handle a Web form for uploading the image files.After receiving the uploaded files, the class generates a PHP script that contains PHP statements for decoding and outputting the image files ...
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    Mailto Encoder creates a mailto: links for the given email address using equivalent character entities that replace the characters of the URLs in the link URL attributes.This is meant to prevent that e-mail harvesting robots used by spammers to collect e-mail addresses find the e-mail addresses when they are looking for mailto: or @ text, without compromising the ability of ...
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    PHP Code Buster can be used to obfuscate PHP code making it unreadable to humans.PHP Code Buster uses the PHP tokenizer functions to parse PHP source code and rewrite it eliminating comments or white space, and replacing the variable names with names that do not hint the variables original purpose.
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    URL Encoder is used to encode data being passed between two sources that can be either two pages via URL arguments or by any other data storage media like databases, files or sessions variables. It works by taking an array of variables and their values and encode it using a private key only known by the server scripts to create ...
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    RC4 aka CipherSaber (v1 and v2) encryption and decryption with built in base64 encoding/decoding.
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    Encode And Optimize PHP can obfuscate and compact PHP source code files. It can process a PHP source code file and replace characters in text strings by the corresponding hexadecimal representation, making the code harder to read and understand what it does.Encode And Optimize PHP can also compact the PHP source code files by eliminating comments, white spaces and empty ...
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    E-Mail Encoder Class is meant to encode mailto: links in a way that makes it difficult for spammers to harvest e-mail addresses by using crawling robots.The resulting HTML uses character entities using the ASCII codes of the e-mail address characters that are replaced.E-Mail Encoder Class lets you specify the link e-mail address, the link data and a CSS style name ...
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    Array 2 XML is capable of storing the data of associative arrays in XML files using DOM PHP 5 extension API.It supports specifying the XML output file name, the document root name, the output encoding. It also supports storing nested associative arrays.
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    PHPCoder is a web based front-end to the Turck MMCache encoding functions, which are similar to the Zend Encoder product. PHPCoder enables you to encode your PHP scripts and applications into non reversible byte-code, thus preventing users of your programs from viewing or alterting the source code while having full functionality. Another excellent use for PHPCoder is to encode your ...
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    Torrentparse uses BEncode and BDecode libraries to parse torrent files used by Bittorrent and return information that is useful to the user looking at the webpage.
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    SNEAK (Snarkles.Net Encryption Assortment Kit) is a simple script that allows you to enter text into a web form and easily convert to and from several different encryption/encoding/obfuscation methods.Currently supports ASCII <-> binary <-> hex, DES crypt, MD5 crypt, Base64 encode/decode, HTML entity encode/decode, URL encode/decode, l33tsp34k, igpay atinlay, ROT-13, and sdrawkcab. New version includes a Caesar cipher bruteforce option!
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    PHP-Obfuscator is the tokenizer extension used to parse the PHP scripts. PHP-Obfuscator removes the comments from the script tokens list and generates the obfuscated version of the script. It is a free PHP code generator. It can also generate alternative versions of the script that uncompresses and decodes the code using the base64 algorithm. Requirements: PHP 4.3 or higher
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