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    PHP Functions Class can be used to creating .htaccess and .htpasswd files.Key Features of PHP Functions Class:- Encoding and decoding text strings with base64 and rot13 algorithms- Count the number of words in a phrase- Highlight text string within a phrase with HTML tags- Create SQL INSERT or UPDATE statements from a list of table field valuesRequirements: PHP 3.0 or ...
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    The contents of a PHP file are read, compressed with gzip and encoded with the base64 algorithm.Then Base64 PHP File Encode generates a new PHP script that decodes and uncompresses the encoded data, and uses the eval function to execute the original script code.Requirements: PHP 4.3 or higher
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    Crypter is capable of decrypting the data back to its original form.
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    Mail Riddler is meant to encode email addresses used in mailto: links inserted in Web pages to prevent harvesting that is done usually by spammers that crawl the Web to collect e-mail addresses of their future victims.Mail Riddler uses a combination of PHP and Javascript to encode email addresses and so make it harder, if not impossible, for spammers crawling ...
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    Form Data Cleaner can be used to sanitise GET and POST values based on expected data type rules. It takes a list of GET and POST request parameters that it should analyse and the respective data types that it expects. Currently Form Data Cleaner supports the types: integer, double, string, boolean and array.String values may be escaped for use in ...
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    Extended PHP Mailer can compose and send e-mail messages with support for defining the message body text from a template file.Extended PHP Mailer can send text or HTML messages. The messages may have attached one or more attached files. It may also encode the text of the headers and body in several character sets to be sent according the e-mail ...
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    Encode Cookie is meant to store and retrieve information in cookies securely by using secret encryption key.
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    AzDGMailCrypt is a very simple, but very powerfull and quickly class for mail crypting. It allows you to encrypt mails for keeping the spam bots away.
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    Enigma implements several classes that emulate in software the different mechanical parts of the original Enigma machine.Several letters of a secret message can be encoded and decoded.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Table cells can be located within an HTML document and the cells' data can be extracted into bi-dimensional arrays. The cell data encoded with UTF-8 can be automatically converted into HTML entities.
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    Morse encoder and decoder can take a text string with alphanumeric characters and convert it to a string of morse symbols represented by . and - characters.Morse symbols can also be converted to a text message.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Fichero can open a file and read its lines into strings. The strings may be returned as is, trimmed, as an array of lines, or decoded using base64 algorithm.The file lines are searched using regular expressions. It can also write back text to the file, optionally encoding it using the base 64 algorithm.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    There are several classes to define different types of charts. QGoogle Chart only generates the Google Chart API URL.Key Features of QGoogle Chart:- Encoding- Exception lists provided methods- Line, Bar, Pie, Venn, Scatter or Sparkline ChartsRequirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Solace Script Maze is meant to protect PHP scripts from being stolen or modified. Solace script maze uses only native PHP functions, so no additional extensions are required to execute protected scripts, thus also support PHP 5.The user can define the protection strength, decode password, compression, client and server IP bindings and expiration date, measure decoding time. Protected scripts use ...
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    XML Object can store an object in a XML document. It can also do the opposite, which is to parse a XML document and return an object stored in it.XML Object uses PHP DOM XML API to generate and parse the XML documents. Works like XMLEncode and XMLDecode of JAVA.
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