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    PersistentObject encapsulates a database table row as an instance of a class. PersistentObject intends to remove a lot of code for loading and saving objects into and from MySQL databases.
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    This PHP class provides an abstraction layer for MySQL. The main purpose is to encapsulate and simplify the details of connecting to a MySQL database and performing queries.MySQL Database Abstraction is for MySQL only is designed for a single database; to use it, extend the class in your code, with the given database/user/password you will connect to.Usage:// Include the class ...
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    A persistence layer encapsulates the behaviour needed to make objects persistent. Meaning to load, save and delete objects to and from persistent storage. In this case persistent storage means relational database. Database abstraction is provided by PEAR MDB2.With MDB2_DataContainer2 and few lines of extra code you can implement Active Record Pattern (An object that wraps a row in a database ...
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    Html can be used to generate HTML pages using distinct class to encapsulate each type of page element. It provides many classes that implement most of the types of HTML page elements. Each of the classes implement a common page element interface.There are classes for encapsulate most types of form elements, block elements, Javascript blocks, pictures and links.Requirements: PHP 5.0
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    clsImap is meant to encapsulate the access to message accounts with the protocols IMAP, POP or NNTP. It can retrieve messages and any attachments.
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    CISVC is meant to encapsulate the APIs around the COM object for Microsoft Indexing service (CISVC).CISVC can perform the search query, output the search results split in multiple pages and also a navigation let the user go back and forth between the presented search results pages.
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