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    An emulator for ASP in PHP,SO you can write such code as "$response->write("hello world");" in PHP.
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    PHP befunge class can be used as an interpreter of the Befunge programming language without using special PHP extension.Befunge is an obfuscated programming language that works in 2D.PHP befunge class can load Befunge files that contain a stack arrays of single character strings. Then it cycles over the stack interpreting its values to execute the associated language commands.
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    Daemon Emulation can be used to create and manage daemon processes.Daemon Emulation starts a new child process that is left asleep while the main process runs. After some time the main process wakes up the child and exits. The child starts another child process which gets is left asleep while its parent process runs and so on.Daemon Emulation requires the ...
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    MySQL SP is meant to provide an emulation of stored procedures for MySQL.MySQL SP uses template files stored on the database client side that contain multiple SQL statements with special marks that identify placeholders that are replaced by procedure arguments when they are executed.The result of the execution of procedure is an array containing either the handles of the result ...
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