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  1. Easy newsletter
    1935 total visits
    Provide your own newsletter. Visitors can subscribe and unsubscribe easily. Including administration to send newsletters and add/remove email addresses. Requires MySQL.
  2. LedFormMail
    527 total visits
    This is a php version of Matt Wrights FormMail.pl. A very simple and very powerful way to have users send you feedback from your web page. Just create the form and let the script do the rest! Alert!Many people have been making two mistakes and I've been receiving their mail! 1) You need to change the $adminmail variable to your ...
  3. No Screenshot
    1615 total visits
    HecMailing is a native joomla 1.5 component that allow authorized frontend users to send email. There is also a contact module. Visit my Website for more...
  4. No Screenshot
    2695 total visits
    PHP Address Book is a simple, web-based PHP address book which allows businesses to move their client list online, and allow people in different places in the World access it via an Internet connection. Features of PHP Address Book:- Easy manage user contacts- Organize users in groups- Export to Excel, vCard, CSV, iCalendar- Import from vCard, LDIF (ThunderBird), CSV, Excel- ...
  5. No Screenshot
    1698 total visits
    It can create HTML contact forms with several text fields given the field labels and optional error messages for fields that must be filled by the user.The form can be rendered and its values processed when submitted by sending them to a specified e-mail address. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
  6. No Screenshot
    1437 total visits
    New user records can be added. Here are some key features of "User Manager":· Verify if a user already exists with a given user name· Authenticate an user with a submitted password· Initiate a login session for authenticated users· Update user records· Send lost password recovery e-mail messages Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
  7. No Screenshot
    1754 total visits
    We've provided this form to mail handler in response to a specific request, but anybody is welcome to use it. All we would ask in return is that you credit us with a link to http://www.inventpartners.com from somewhere on your site. Perhaps on your form thankyou page? This form processor takes GET and POST form submissions, and emails them to ...
  8. No Screenshot
    1525 total visits
    A PHP Email Form that you can easily integrate into your website with just one simple line of code. Features include: - Very fast to integrate into any existing PHP page on your website. - All fields are required Anti spam filter. - Customizable email message that you receive. - Customizable email subject - Only 1 option to configure (your ...
  9. No Screenshot
    1305 total visits
    Goldfish is a PHP-written, quite simple autoresponder for Postfix in relation with MySQL. It consists of only one PHP-File which can be started through a cronjob. The configuration is very easy and completely customizable according to your needs.
  10. No Screenshot
    1621 total visits
    WritedocMail is a basic PHP-based Form Processor with required field checking. Provides all the files needed to get going quickly with very simple configuration; all you have to specify is the email address where feedback is to be sent and then move the files to your server and use. If you plan to use your own forms, additional instructions are ...
  11. No Screenshot
    1349 total visits
    E-mail robot (autoresponder), takes letters, parses and forms answer. It features for easy to use.
  12. No Screenshot
    1505 total visits
    This package can be used to compose and send e-mail messages.There are classes for composing simple text messages, and more complex classes capable of sending multipart messages with text and HTML parts and attached files.
  13. No Screenshot
    2307 total visits
    PHP Class Collection project provides different classes written in PHP 5. DirectoryList is offered in this free script with the purpose of recursive projection of the filesystem (sub-)tree in an object. Email class included is to easily create emails with attachments. FTPConnection provided for FTP access without using PHP's FTP-functions. HTTPConnection for HTTP access without using CURL. MultiSQL for easily ...
  14. No Screenshot
    2174 total visits
    Multipart mime email generator library for PHP. This library enables you to send multipart mime emails with PHP. There are function to read in files, build the format of the email, then you use the created data type and use the standard php mail() function to send it. Instructions are included in the software.
  15. No Screenshot
    1861 total visits
    SmartBeep PageIT Plus for PHP is a PHP script that allows you to receive emails on your SmartBeep pager.
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