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  1. Validation Class
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    Validation Class is a free PHP validation sript can be used to validate one or more value of different types. It can validate a single value or an array of values according to one validation rule.Currently it can validate the values as e-mail addresses, numbers, letters, letters and numbers and non-empty strings.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
  2. Multi-Anexos
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    Multi-Anexos is a PHP email script features for Multiple File Attachments. It can be used to compose email messages given the headers and body values, multiple files can be attached to the message. The composed message will be sent with PHP's mail function when reaching a final form.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
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    This is a PHP script to chekc if an email is valid using the SMTP protocol. This script connects to an SMTP server defined in the MX records of the domain of the address to validate. It simulates the delivery of a message to see if the given ecipient address is accepted as valid. Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or Higher
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    This PHP script is mainly used to retrieve messages from IMAP servers. It can access to a given IMAP server with PHP IMAP extension and execute several operations to retrieve the available messages you need, such as message headers, message data and attachments. Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Email log is a generic PHP email logger script which is useful to log all outcomming emails from your application, it can also logs everything, even if the email failed to be sent. This PHP script can be used to store email message information in log files as well as the recipient, sender, subject, message body and delivery date. It ...
  6. eMail
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    eMail is a simple class for sending text and HTML e-mail messages. The messages can be sent to multiple recipients using To:, Cc: or Bcc: headers. The messages may also include one or more files as attachments.
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    Secure PHP Form Mailer Script is a free PHP script designed to be easy to use, while still being extremely flexible. If you just want a simple contact form, you can set one up with just a few clicks. This PHP Form Mailer script has a range of features including an easy to use dynamic form generation system, multiple recipients, ...
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    Using MailChimp API, MailChimp API Wrapper can send e-mail messages. XML_PRC requests can be sent to MailChimp API Web server to perform several types of operations with this PHP script. Currently it can manage campaigns, lists, accounts, subscribers, API keys, etc.. Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Thunderbird Junk Log To Postfix Header Check can be used to convert Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail junk logs to Postfix filter rules. It parses the Mozilla Thunderbird junk log file and analyzed the messages considered spam. This script can generate filter rules for Postfix that reject messages with the same subjects from the ones that Thunderbird considered spam. Requirements:- PHP 5.2.11 ...
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    Safe email creates an bot safe e-mail address for contact form, by masking the real email address, this script protects its owner from unwanted bot page scans and automatic spam receiving. It takes the e-mail user name, host name and top level domain name and creates a string with the e-mail address replaced the @ character by the at text. ...
  11. No Screenshot
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    pop3.class.inc is meant for communicating with a mail server via the POP3 protocol.pop3.class.inc supports:- Asking the status of messages in in the mail drop.- Getting messages, deleting, save messages to file and mysql and the commands TOP, UIDL and RSET.
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    E-mail sender with custom mandatory fields, fully customizable web based e-mail system with mandatory fields checking without loosing fields content. Features of E-mail sender with custom mandatory fields:- Secure e-mail sending by destroying tags an sending e-mail in HTML format- Custom error messages - Custom mandatory fields- E-mail address validation - W3C Compliant - HTML code - PHP programming: Javier ...
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    Mime Decode will enable you to decode mime email. It can for example decode the mime torture test made available by UW. It will parse a raw mime email and returnthe structure. Returned structure is similar to that returned by imap_fetchstructure().Usage:- Assuming$input is your raw email)$decode = new Mail_mimeDecode($input, "");$structure = $decode->decode();print_r($structure);- Or statically:$params['input'] = $input;$structure = Mail_mimeDecode::decode($params);print_r($structure);
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    Email attachments reader can be used to retrieve file attachments from e-mail messages. It can connect to an IMAP or POP3 server using the PHP IMAP extension and retrieves files attached to e-mail messages. The retrieved attached files may be saved to local files. Requirements: PHP 4.0 or Higher
  15. Mailer
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    Mailer is a contact form to send an email to users of your site. It's easy to integrated to your site.
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