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    PHP sendmail is a universal script for sending e-mail messages from your web site containing any information. The script is manageable, easy to install and handle, cross-functional and uses minimum of hosting requirements. The script uses PHP software programming language and includes a lot of handy functions and attributes such as creation of mailing lists with category sorting, sample letter ...
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    EmailReplyParser is a PHP library for parsing the content of an email. EmailReplyParser was inspired by GitHub's Email Reply Parser Ruby library, currently used on GitHub for parsing and displaying comments received via email. EmailReplyParser works only with emails in plain text format. Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or Higher What's New in This Version:- Removing the need to write quote regex ...
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    Email Me is a WordPress plugin for hiding email addresses from spam bots. 'Email Me' allows editors to display email addresses on the site without exposing them to email parsers or spam filters. A basic usage of the plugin is done simply by embedding the [emailme] shortcode. More variations of the shortcode are documented in the plugin's README file.Requirements:- WordPress ...
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    Silentum FormSend is a basic PHP email script which is great to use as either a "Contact Us" page, or as a feedback system for your site. Unlike a lot of other forms, this one is sent through a single PHP file. It uses a simple form to send user comments to a specified email address, and can be easily ...
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    CSS3 Email Subscription is a email subscription box with CSS3 designed [no image used], email validation through JavaScript, store the email in text document through PHP and popup the subscription box using JQuery.
  6. Bulk Email Sender
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    MOX Bulk Email Sender is free and powerful bulk email sender script to create and send to your email lists. Installation:- extract the bulk emailer archive.- Upload the whole directory "emailer" to your web root directory.- Give the permissions 777 to the directories "emailer/lists/" and "emailer/log/".- Open the url "http://www.yourwebsite.com/<your web-root-directory>/php/emailer.php".- Now you can use the script - have fun!
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    RFC 822 Email Address Parser is a PHP utility for detecting if a string is a valid email address. Utilizes standards like RFC 821, 822, 1035, 1123, 2821, 2822, 3696, 4291, 5321, 5322 and 5952. It is a working validator is included with the download package. Limitations:- The script does not check if the email address actually exists, but if ...
  8. EasyPhpMassEmail
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    The EasyPhpMassEmail script is intended for websites that need a simple solution for sending many emails and do not have access to the PEAR packages for sending mass emails.The EasyPhpMassEmail script works with the standard PHP mail command, which is not intended for sending out mass emails as it will establish a new SMTP connection for every email (the professional ...
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    Email/Text spoofer is a PHP email script. It can spoof email, send emails and text messages. More funcations is coming soon.Features of Email/Text spoofer:- Spoof email- Send emails- Send Text messages- Mass email sending --coming soon- Mass text message sending --coming soon
  10. PHP MiniMailer
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    This is a PHP email script for sending out automated emails. The admin can set a preset message subject and body. It then can pass it a list of email addresses and it will send emails to all of them. If the email is not sent, an error will be shown. A small demo is included with the download package.
  11. phpEmailUser
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    phpEmailUser, a simple user login management with sessions. User registers with email address as user name and receives verification email. Basic admin interface, "forgot password" feature, customizable user data fields, login attempt limitation, etc.Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or Higher- MySQLi
  12. PHP Login
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    This is a free PHP login script to give your site a strong level of security. It enables web page password protection across as many pages as you want, all with just adding one line of code for each page you wish to protect.
  13. Quick Contact
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    Quick Contact is a mail form that allows a visitor from you site to send you a mail, Also has built in captcha to protect you from bots / spammers. It is very basic and easy to use integrate to your exisiting site. Features of Quick Contact:- 1 Name Field- 1 Email Field- 1 Message Field- 1 Captcha to protect ...
  14. Obfuscate E-mail Addresses
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    This is a PHP script to return an obscured e-mail address to protect the privacy of the user.
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    A71Mail - The Email Form Written In PHP is a professional webmail which designed for those who are looking for an efficient and customizable PHP email script with the aim of keeping the contacts on the web with other people. No email address will be shown by A71Mail to respect your privacy, meanwhile, this function will also prevent you from ...
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