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  1. Layout Solution
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    Layout Solution is a set of open source PHP classes to simplify website development and maintenance. It holds commonly used variables and page elements, allowing developers to focus on designing pages rather than worrying about correctly duplicating common layouts over and over. Perfect for creating complicated website structures. Features of Layout Solution:- Holds Design Elements- Centralizes Site Information- Establishes Directory ...
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    PHP Cached Array can cache virtual array for PHP and implement support for persistent arrays. It comes with an interface to access array elements, eventually stored in persistent data storages. The actual implementation sub-classes should implement the functionality of storing and retrieving array data from persistent storage containers.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or higher
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    HTML Element is a class handles the definition of CSS styles by setting each property's name and value. There is also another class that can generate HTML tags including defining its name, attributes and contained data.This script HTML Element is a basic class for creating HTML elements in PHP without having to write any html code. The package contains the ...
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    There is one base HTML document class and several other classes to abstract different types of HTML elements. There is also one class to generate HTML documents from MySQL database queries. Complex HTML documents can be generated by combining the output of these classes. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher Limitations: The code and the comments are in Italian.
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    Stack provides API to manipulate a stack using two dimensional arrays. Functions of Stack:- Push an element- Pop an element- Retrieve the element at the top of the stack without removing it- Retrieve the size of the stack- Determine whether the stack is empty
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    The XML is read and parts such as document, element, comment and attributes get defined.
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    Singly Linked List can be used to manage singly linked lists of data values. It can add elements to the list assigning data values of arbitrary types.Singly Linked List can also traverse the list going to the next element after to the current list element.
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    The forms can be styled through CSS, using the identifiers automatically added to each form element.There's also a formextra.inc class, which will allow you to add custom made multiple selectboxes.
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    Any HTML 3.2 element can be defined.
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    I derive my form-element-classes from this class. At this moment it only sets the name for an element.
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    Form_Element can be used to as a base for building more complex form element classes.
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    The Stack class advantage over the array_push and array_pop function is Stack::pop() pops the stack and returns a reference to the popped element.There is also a top function that returns a reference to the top element.
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    XMLElement extends the Node class and can add nested tag nodes to the document, as well set the text data and the tag attributes.After composing the tree structure, the XML document can be generated as a single string.Requirements: PHP 5.1 or higher
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    The style properties of HTML elements, such as the text font type, size, color and alignment, are abstracted by the font class. The cell class abstracts the cells that compose the table.The table class abstracts the definition of the layout and presentation details of tables.
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    Several classes for generating different types of basic HTML elements such as paragraphs, links, forms, images, etc., are provided.go!Johnny class library also provides several other classes that can generate more complex custom page elements like menus, blog entries, Flash players, Google maps, etc..Requirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
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