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    Yap (Yet Another Pager) is database row data pager with support for row data editing and interactive search based on patterns. It features:- Two types of view: table view, detail view- Links to move forward, backward one page, move to the end or to the first page- The user may enter his own search criteria- The user or the caller ...
  2. AJAX Edit In Place
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    This script can be used to edit and save a paragraph of text in an HTML page. It associates the necessary Javascript event handling code to turn a given paragraph in an HTML page into editable text when the user clicks on it.When the user finishes editing the generated Javascript submit the paragraph text to the Web server using AJAX ...
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    This script can be used to generate a text box that becomes editable when the user double-clicks on the text.It displays the text to be edited within a DIV tag that is replaced by a text input when the user double-clicks on the DIV.When the text input looses the focus, the edited text is submitted to the server to be ...
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    Edit Bitmap is a simple class that can be used to manipulate sets of bits stored in strings.Easy to do with Edit Bitmap:- Calculate the position of a given bit number- Retrieve, set or toggle the value of a given bit- Compare given bit value- Display the bit set
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    preditor loads a specified file and allows entering the string to change, a replacement string and whether it only occurs once or several times. Then it will go through the file and change each occurence.The edited file can be saved to a directory, while non-text-based files can be copied to other directories.
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    ABrowser Class can be used to provide a Web interface to browser server side files and folders. It lets the user browse listings of files and folders below the current script directory.Features of ABrowser Class:- List folders in the first column- List files in the next three columns: images, scripts and text files- The images files can be presented either ...
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    AutoForm connects to a MySQL database and executes a given query to retrieve the values of the table records to edit.HTML form fields to edit the specified records are then generated.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    DBNavigator allows youto browse and edit data stored in a MySQL database. It generates an AJAX Web based interface to edit, insert, search rows of MySQL database tables. It can be used to update and delete multiple records at once. It may also prevent editing or deleting records by simultaneous users.Each database table record to be edited can be bound ...
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    BytesFall ShapeFiles is a PHP library that allows reading and editing of an ESRI ShapeFile and all the associated information.
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    Ajax Table Edit can be used to edit data in the cells of an HTML table using AJAX to save the changed cell values without reloading the current page. It takes an bi-dimensional array as parameter to define the contents of the cells of the table to be edited. Then it generates the table HTML with the necessary JavaScript code ...
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    File permission classes is meant to handle file permissions. It may work with permission values as octal numbers or from arrays to edit file permissions of web pages.
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    WavEdit can be used to manipulate audio files in the WAV format. Currently in only supports uncompressed audio files with a single channel of 8 or 16 bit samples.WavEdit can perform the following manipulation types:- Open multiple WAV audio files- Parse the WAV file header information- Crop an audio file- Apply audio effects such as: fade in, fade out, echo, ...
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    Administrator module that uses a class file to add/edit/delete entries from a mysql database. Also has image support so you can upload an image with your entry as well. Auto-resizes image to a thumbnail as well.
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    This Rolodex allows you to add, edit, and delete users from its database. You can change nearly everything about it - from the colors to the people :-)Currently Rolodex supports the 50 States of America, however other countries will soon be added.
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    MySQLDataManagement is a set of php scripts to manage your data for selected DBs. All your tables will be shown you for data management on them. MySQLDataManagement allows you to add / edit / delete / list records on selected table - DB. Easuy to use and install.
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