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    Log and view all of the terms used to search your e-commerce site with oscmax local search reports mod. This valuable information can be used to figure out then needs of your customers.
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    Several types of operation can be performed to manage product items in a shopping cart by manipulating records stored in a MySQL database tables with shopcart.Key Features of shopcart:- Add an item- Get the items- Update the quantity of an item- Delete an item- Empty the cart- Get the product price and name of an itemRequirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Reviews stores reviews written by users about given products in a MySQL database table associating to an anonymous user identified by his IP address or to logged user identifier. Information about users who agreed or disagreed with a review, can also be stored.Reviews can also retrieve all reviews of a product and a summary of all the ratings of each ...
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    Simple Gomez Shopping Car, a very easy shopping car, easy integration to any website PHP and MySQL. MySQL Image Thumbs , Image Auto Resize, Product Pagination, MySQL Connection class. The GSCV10 was developed for web designers. The script is free! Note: Contribute with the code if you want.
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    Do you want to improve your Search Results? Want to see readable URLs and meaningful, not just a set of symbols? Power SEO URLs for osCommerce - osCommerce module is a powerful replacement for standard osCommerce SEO URLs feature with unique possibilities that work for Search Engine Optimization of your site.
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    OrderSys is a shopping cart system developed in a biomedical research laboratory for day to day use by members of the laboratory. The laboratory places order through a central office for items from many different vendors. The details on the items and the vendors are stored in OrderSys, and that allows the users to quickly select items they wish to ...
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    Based on the osCommerce core shopping cart, Autoload eCommerce Shopping Cart Script was built by shop owners who have tried several other shopping cart scripts before deciding to create Autoload. Autoload eCommerce Shopping Cart Script is everything you need added to osCommerce for running an online storefront and eBay management utility. Emphasis has been placed on keeping the script universal ...
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    vtiger CRM Integration for osCommerce will bring integrity to your business by keeping your inventory, customer and order information in your online stores and vtiger CRM synchronized.
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    Several types of operations can be performed in order to manipulate Zencart user records stored in a MySQL database. There is also an session handler available in order to make your application have the same session with Zencart.Key Features of Zencart Bridge:- Add or delete users- Start or end a logged user session- Change user password and other options- Add ...
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    osCommerce Amazon Data Feed is a osCommerce contribution which assures the easiest export of your products into Amazon.com Amazon.com, Inc. is an American e-commerce company. osCommerce Amazon Export Feed was one of the first major companies to sell goods by Internet. It is easy to sell on Amazon.
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    merchantfront is a modified version of basketlib by Edward Rudd.What's New in This Release merchantfront:- Adds functionality for passing item tax (foriegn users),size,color, and weight.- Added functionality to update quanities of the same product rather than create separate lines for them.Comes with graphical interface.
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    A text file with information about products is created and can be used to populate an osCommerce database through Easypopulate.osCommerce Easypopulate File Create Class sets all the fields of each product with default values that may be redefined by the application before adding them to the Easypopulate file.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    basketlib is a famous Shopping basket class.
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    basic_basket is the basic shopping basket class.Requires mysql_db advanced classes (mysql_conn,mysql_recordset,mysql_command) and is cookie based to keep track of session info (works with php3).
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    SnPayPalApi queries the Paypal Web services API over the SOAP protocol, in order to execute several operations. It also comes with an utility script that can be used to execute these operations operations from a command line console.Key Features of SnPayPalApi:- Searching for transactions- Get the details of a transaction- Send mass payments- Refund the payment of a transaction- Get ...
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