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    ebay mine is OO PHP Libraries for mining data from eBay into mysql database. This project started to use in a new business and decided the the development time for the end result was going to be too long. It is basically a OO PHP API to retrieve data from eBay to be stored in a MySQL database for analysis.
  2. Ebay TurbolisterShipping Service Options
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    This is a PHP script to encode / decode Ebay Turbolister options data.It parses Ebay Turbolister options data as a string in XML format and encodes that data with base 64 algorithm computing the checksum before sending them to eBay servers.It can also decode the previously encoded data using an analogue method as the one used for encoding.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 ...
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    Steam Community Wrapper can retrieve games that an authenticated user has posted for sale on eBay. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Based on the osCommerce core shopping cart, Autoload eCommerce Shopping Cart Script was built by shop owners who have tried several other shopping cart scripts before deciding to create Autoload. Autoload eCommerce Shopping Cart Script is everything you need added to osCommerce for running an online storefront and eBay management utility. Emphasis has been placed on keeping the script universal ...
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    Inspired by the eBayAPI from Sunny Rajpal, ebay_de is technically completely different and faster. All the information is gathered in one single loop. ebay_de is for German eBay pages only (ebay.de, ebay.at). The function showdata() shows some relevant information about a given ebay auction. Caution: there are auctions that do not cooperate well with ebay_de and ebay_de will return wrong ...
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    Several types of operations can be executed through the eBay Web services API.Currently eBay API can search for items with given keywords and retrieve the details and picture of specific items.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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