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  1. Name Extractor
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    Name Extractor is some applications receive e-mail messages from users that do not specify their real name. This script guesses the real name of a person from e-mail address by parsing and splitting it in possible names that make part of the person's real name. It can parse given e-mail header line that should contain a person name and attempts ...
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    SMTP4PHP is a collection of PHP 5.x scripts, written in OOP style, providing exception support, dedicated for sending multipart/mixed e-mails fast and easily, with or without embedded images and/or attachments. Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or Higher
  3. GentleSource Form Mail
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    GentleSource Form Mail allows you to put a contact form on your website. The input of that form will be sent per e-mail to your e-mail address. The script can log all the messsages that are sent. The layout of your forms, and e-mail, can be customized as you wish. You can also choose if the user will be redirected ...
  4. PHP Contact Form Script
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    This PHP contactform script offers to your homepage vistiors an easy, fast and uncomplicated alternative to get in contact with you. The form will be send to the webmaster via the php e-mail function and offers a security code/captcha as a protection against spam.Features of PHP Contact Form Scrpt:- No MySql Database required- Very good protection of Spam Mails (Captcha ...
  5. Mail
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    This PHP email script can be used to compose and send HTML e-mail messages. It takes as parameters the message subject, HTML body text, sender, reply and recipient names and addresses.The script can also compose message headers and the body before send it to the destination.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
  6. SMTP or mail function E-mail sending script
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    This is a PHP email script can be used to send messages via an SMTP server or mail function. Messages can be composed and sent, given the subject, sender, body and recipient addresses.It can parse the recipient strings that can be given with name and address. The e-mail addresses can also be validated.The message can be delivered using the mail ...
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