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    There is a base form input class and several classes that wrap each type of common form inputs: button, checkbox, file, hidden, password, radio, select, submit and textarea.Implementation classes can be used to render the form inputs in a simple or table-based layout.
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    CSS styles are supported and any tag can be added, even custom ones. You can create a single 'layout structure' and it can handle dynamic col and row spans, changing in the number of columns, and even supports creating tables inside tables.Class.Table has been used in production use to speed up development of intensive reporting features. The class was found ...
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    The generated menu can expand and collapse menu dynamically, that is when the user clicks on a menu item, all corresponding submenu items are shown (or hidden if already visible). A good example of what it looks like is the list of documents and directories in the left frame of the Microsoft Windows Explorer.The use of xPandMenu is fairly easy. ...
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    Accessible nested DHTML menus uses nested unordered HTML lists in combination of Javascript generated by the class to build the menu elements. If Javascript is disabled, the menu will display in expanded form.The menu is customized using CSS styles. Another class is supplied to traverse the file system and builds a menu to navigate on the server file system.
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    Dynamic Page is a simple class that can process HTML templates with special comments. It searches for comments with a give name in the template and replaces them by given content data.The code is easy to customize to suit your needs.Requirements:PHP 5.0
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    SiteMap XML Dynamic SiteMap Generator Software, is a php based sitemap generator for Google, RSS, HTML and Text site maps. SiteMap XML Dynamic SiteMap Generator includes a range of configurable variables to define the site map content and can be run as an online form for Static SiteMaps or to create real time Dynamic SiteMaps that can be directly called. ...
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    Super AJAX Programming Seed is a tight little program that illustrates a simple implementation of AJAX technology using HTML and PHP, and offers suggestions for how to use the technology to make super-dynamic web applications from scratch.
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    TemplateBuilder is a powerful and easy class to work and manange multi-level templates.Templates are very usefull because you can define dynamic parts of a page with blocks and sub-blocks. For example, you could create tables with multiple rows by defining each row as a block. These blocks accept variables or functions defined by the user or predefined (see the PHP ...
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    Statizier provides you a simple way to hide dinamic sites to web spiders so they can index it. Almost all web-spiders (like Google) can not index dinamic sites due to the parameters present on almost all links in the site.Statizier, along with a simple modification onto your Apache configuration file, allows you to hide all the parameters and dinamic links ...
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    baaSelect is meant to generate select form inputs that are linked dynamically with options populated from values taken from a database.baaSelect generates the HTML code to output the the linked select inputs and also the necessary Javascript code to make the options of a second select input be updated when the user changes the option of the first select input.
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    Gonx URLs is meant to generate URLs for accessing application dynamically generated pages based on parameters passed in the URL.The class can optionally generate URLs in the common dynamic page format (http://www.mycompany.com/index?go=home&page;=1) or URLs in a format optimized for not preventing search engine crawling (http://www.mycompany.com/index/home/1/).In the later case, Gonx URLs can also generate scripts that will process requests of pages ...
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    Navigation is meant to let you build a dynamic site navigation bar presented in the breadcrumb style. The navigation bar may display links, one for each level of the site hierarchy. The title of each level link is presented using a CSS style named breadcrumb. The current level is displayed as plain text within a span using the CSS style ...
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    Bar Graphics can generate bar charts from a given set of values. It provides means to define the label, value and color of each bar.The bars are drawn using HTML tables with different color values.The size of the bars is displayed in proportion to the largest bar by setting the relative width of the table cells. This way Bar Graphics ...
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    This program uses PHP and mySQL to create a dynamic online Flash Photo Gallery. The flash display area re-sizes smoothly giving a nice transition to the next image. A "simple-to-use" menu system allows you to drill down into different levels within your gallery. Setup is simple.
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    WPhp generates native WordPerfect documents on-the-fly from PHP. You do not need to have WordPerfect installed on your webserver. The only requirement is PHP. The documents it generates are known to be compatible with at least WordPerfect version 9, 10 and later (and earlier).Simply include the WPhpDocument class and write your text. Includes methods for saving and downloading documents. Tthe ...
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