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    The idea for DataDumper came from the CPAN Perl module Data::Dumper. DataDumper will take a PHP variable (numeric, boolean, string orarray) and convert it into a string containing the PHP code needed to re-create the variable again, using eval(). This means that, for example, the entire structure and contents of complex multi-dimentional arrays can be saved to a text file, ...
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    Var Dump will display the variable type, object class or resource type, using different colors to distinguish different types of variables.Var Dump can be called with a single function (vd::dump), passing it an argument for the variable that is meant to be inspected.
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    Generate database auto increment table alter query traverses all tables of a given MySQL database and generates SQL statements that alter the tables to add auto-increment fields after restoring a database dump that did not preserve them.The SQL statements generated can be served for download as the current script output or returned as a single string.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    DHTMLDump takes the value of a PHP variable of either the types of integer, string, object, array, etc, and displays it as a nested tree. It can traverse arrays and objects recursively. It can also limit the of the depth of the tree when display arrays or objects to avoid infinite loops while display variables that are part of circular ...
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    Apriori retrieves a given set of rules from a MySQL database table. The rules specify a regular expression to match the text to be processed and PHP code to process the matches.Regular expressions are applied and the processing code is executed for each match.Apriori comes with a database dump of predefined rules to process BBCode, format dates, times, converting URLs ...
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    Arrays, objects and even scalar variables, such as strings, integers, etc., can be dumped in plain text or HTML.
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    Easy MySQL Dump traverses the list of tables of a given MySQL database and generates the SQL statements that would be necessary to recreate all the tables and the data in their records.The generated SQL statements can be returned as a single text string or served for download directly or compressed in the gzip format.Easy MySQL Dump can also be ...
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    Backup database structure accesses a given MySQL database and generates files with SQL statements that can be used later to restore the database structure and data in the database.The database dump file can optionally be saved in a compressed format in order to minimize its size.Requirements:PHP 4.3 or higher
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    The variable definition dump is displayed in a color table, similar Coldfusion's cfdump tag command. dBug uses Javascript to make the table expand and collapse so the nested data structures can be conviniently displayed.CSS stylesheets are used to customize the presentation details of the dumped table.
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    Features of Free PHP Recipes Plug-n-Play Website Script:- Plug-n-Play website. - Easy installation (partially using BigDump). - Easy to configure website. - Easy to modify template. - Over 38,000 recipes in over 50 categories. - Searchable database. - Search Engine Friendly. - Pre-made Logo PSD file. - Contextual Advertisement Ready with Privacy Policy.
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    Copy all tables MYSQL Database FROM: MYSQL-Server, HTTP-Path file or Upload file dump TO: MYSQL-Server, One file, File-parts dump. Advanced statistics. Improved stability. Multiuser. Report to file. No limit database size. Convert Charset. Only one PHP file 26kb. Perfect tool :)
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    Script to handle your mysql database online. no installation required, just plug and play :-) Features of PHP MySQL Smart: - help - database/Table/Filed browsing - field description - table description - database description - all kind of queries - select * works also - error messages - number of affected rows - multible statements - database/table backup (via dump ...
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    IAM CSV Dump takes the results of a SQL query and outputs in the CSV (comma separated values) format.IAM CSV Dump offers the choice of sending the output to the browser or downloading it as a file. The name and extension of the dump file are defined by the developer.
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    Simple MySQL dump can be used to dump a MySQL database as a list of SQL statements. It can retrieve the database tables metadata and execute and SQL SELECT query to retrieve all the data of the tables to be dumped.Simple MySQL dump returns a string with the table creation and record insertion statements similar to what the mysql_dump command ...
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    mysql_dump can be used to take backups of MySQL databases by generating files with SQL commands similar to the output of mysql_dump program. It can also restore a database from SQL commands generated by the backup process.mysql_dump can generate the backup output of one or more databases. It may also backup all tables of a database or just a few ...
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