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    Secure HTML parser and filter,XSS,CSRF is a general purpose parser class to parse any type of markup documents such as HTML, XML and DTD, is included. There are several other classes that can be chained together to retrieve the document token elements returned by the main markup parser class and filter the document elements in an useful way.The markup validator ...
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    Handle remote data with PHP 5 and REST Web service is made of three main parts: the login part, the xml part and the data part. The first part concerns about the validation of the user data: username, password, account id and IP address, which are all transferred and returned by the function file_get_contents(): It is supported by the function ...
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    DTD 2 PHP is meant to generate new PHP classes that are capable of outputting SGML/XML documents compliant with a given DTD definition.DTD 2 PHP class is used in the PHPVoice package.
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