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    You only need the php file and a form that will initiate it. The script uses simplenews newsletter database tables, users, newsletter categories etc. The only thing you have to do is to disable the simplenews newsletter spool cron from Drupal cron in order to avoid having both this tool and Drupal cron sending mails. You can easily do so ...
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    This Drupal module provides a role selection system that restricts access to a node and its comments. Selecting the roles and saving the node is all that's required. It will work with any content type, whether it was created in Drupal or by a module.Requirements:- Drupal 6.xWhat's New in This Version:Fixes:- Missing Drupal version compatibility.- Restriction problem with Calendar module.Installation:- ...
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    This module integrates elFinder (https://sourceforge.net/projects/elfinder/) file manager with Drupal CMS through WYSIWYG API.Features of elFinder for Drupal:- Integrated with WYSIWYG API capable editors: CKEditor, FCKeditor, TinyMCE, BUEditor, jWYSIWYG, YUI, WYMeditor- Multiple file upload- File copying/moving with Drag & Drop support- Lightbox-preview- Contect menu with generic file/directory operations- Inline text file editing- Favories directory list- Directory selection history- Working with archives
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    oEmbed is a Drupal module allows embedding content from oEmbed providers. It also enables the website to become an oEmbed provider itself.Requirements:- Drupal 7.x/6.xInstallation:- Unpack in your modules folder (usually '/sites/all/modules/')- Enable under Administer > Site Building > Modules
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    SexyBookmarks is a Drupal module adds social sharing icons on pages. It integrate the WordPress plugin by the same name. The sole aim was to stray away from the "in the box" thinking behind most social bookmarking plugins, and add a little flair that would entice readers, rather than deterring them with microscopic icons that get lost in pages heavy ...
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