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    Easy to use and install drop down menu script for osCommerce based on the udm4 ultimate drop down menu. Automatically populates the drop down menu with the categories in your osCommerce installation. Simple installation, and configuration for osCommerce 2.x systems. Based on the popular udm4 drop down menu code, this script provides accessible and search engine friendly navigation to your ...
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    When the page needs to be reloaded it is not pleasant for the users to wait until the page reload is complete, especially when their Internet to the server is slow.So what Cascade Drop Down does is to generate Javascript code dynamically by fetching the select input option values from a database table and switch them when the user changes ...
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    Date Drop Down List Generator can be used to generate HTML form select inputs to let the users pick dates.Date Drop Down List Generator can generate individual select inputs to choose an year from a given range of years, a month with optional abbreviated names, and a day of the month from 1 to 31.
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    DateSelector will build three drop downs preset to the date that you have passed in.
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    Utility to generate, with three lines of code, a drop down menu with 7821 Italian 'Comuni'.
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    HTML Forms Objects HtmlFormsObjects is meant to generate an HTML dropdown list.HTML Forms Objects is only necessary to call the method GenerateDropDownList and passing its parameters like is shown in the example on bottom of the class file.
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    PHP code that generates a DHTML Drop Down Menu. Now it can be aligned in any position !
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    This module for phpWebSite 0.8.2 displays a search box with a drop down list of major search engines. Webmaster can turn on or off the engines they need, as well as add, modify and delete them.
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