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    iviDownloader is meant to list or download files of a given type that are linked to a page of a given URL. See class file for detailed documentation.The code mostly follows the PEAR Coding Standards. .
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    Hits Counter handles the request to serve the file contents with the appropriate HTTP headers. It supports resuming partially downloaded files.The file download counters are stored in files that are read and updated once a file served by the class is fully downloaded.Download links can be generated and the current count for a given file can be presented.
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    Several types of file manipulation operations, such as handling uploaded files, serving files for downloading, renaming, deleting, copying and moving, can be performed.
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    NetLoadEasyShare sends HTTP POST requests to the Netload or EasyShare servers to upload a given file. The resulting pages are processed and HTML code with a link to download them is returned.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    If the uploaded file verifies the validation rules, Classe Upload moves the file to a given directory. Classe Upload can also return the corresponding download link for an uploaded file.Key Features of Classe Upload:- Check if the file does not exceed a given size limit- Check if the file name has one of the accepted extensions- Check if there is ...
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    RapiDownload can be used to serve files for download by the users of a site. It can serve a file from a directory given its file name. RapiDownload can also determine the file type from the file name extension and generate the appropriate HTTP headers that include information about the file type, file size and prevent that the file is ...
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    The estimated download time is displayed in hours, minutes and seconds.Estimated Download Time also provides an utility functions to retrieve the size of a given file and also to convert a file size in bytes to KB, MB or GB.
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    Easy Download is mean to simplifying the process of making a file available for download via a PHP script.Easy Download generates the necessary download request HTTP headers and streams the contents of a given file as a response of a PHP script.
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    uncentralizedDownloader can serve files for download. The files can be retrieved optionally from external servers according to configuration definitions file. The configuration file can be replicated to other files.The referrer URL can be checked to prevent hot linking. The download URL is changed over time to make hot linking even more difficult.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    A session variable, with the name of the file available for download from a page link, is set.Little Leach can serve the file for download only if it is session variable is set, thus preventing that file be download directly without going to the page with the download link.Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    HTTP requests to login with a specified user name and password and retrieve the contents of a given folder, are send. The folder listing is returned in an array that describe the files and sub-folders contained in the given start folder.The listing of files may include the URLs to download each of the them.
  12. Zip and File Splitter
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    When a file is very large size it takes a lot of time to download. A common solution is to zip the file to make it smaller, but if it still too large to download, splitting the file in many pieces is often a better alternative solution.Zip and File Splitter can compress and split large files into smaller part files ...
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    DialogBox can be used to browse and manage files stored on the server side. It can list the files of a given directory displaying icons next to the file names based on their types deriving from the file name extension.The files are displayed with links to open separate windows to download the files with same name or with a different ...
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    EPSDownload can take the name of server side file or a string of data to generate the necessary HTTP response headers to serve the data as a download.The content type, description and cache control can be configured.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Downloader can be used to serve files for download and keep track of who downloaded each file in a log file. It can prompt the user to enter his first name, last name e-mail address in the form.These details are stored in cookies so it is not necessary to prompt the user again in future downloads.Once the user has entered ...
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