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  1. No404s
    660 total visits
    No404s is a PHP script designed to help you find broken or moved links on your site or your link pages. What makes it different from other link checkers is that the title obtained from checked site is displayed (useful for finding expired domains that give no other discernable error). At the end an overview of the checked links is ...
  2. Domain Hunter
    1427 total visits
    Domain Hunter is a simple application to monitor the state of a list of domain names. Changes in the status of a monitored domain can be sent to an email address or the domain information can be obtained on demand through a Web interface. Only the .com and .net top-level domains are currently supported.
  3. No Screenshot
    121 total visits
    php-tld is a PHP script to extract domain names from URLs. It is a special URL analysis PHP script that can parse a link and detect the TLD (Top Level Domain). It can be used as a stand-alone or integrated with more complex PHP applications.
  4. Datum Whois
    537 total visits
    Datum Whois is a basic domain lookup PHP Script and it supports the most important tlds (top-level domains) including .com, .net, .co.za and etc. Installing the Datum Whois script is a breeze. All you need to do is download it, unzip it and then upload it to your web server root.
  5. No Screenshot
    334 total visits
    Domain Registrar Finder Script is a little PHP tool that will allow you to find the registrar of any domain by checking it’s WHOIS information.
  6. No Screenshot
    200 total visits
    DNP is a free and open source domain portfolio script.It was written in PHP, HTML 5, and javascript. If you own a lot of domain names it can become diffcult to keep track of them,If you have domains with a few different registrars things can get even more hectic. DNP Script lets you manage and display all of your domains ...
  7. Email Validator
    547 total visits
    This PHP Script is used to check DNS records of valid email addresses. It matches it against a generic e-mail regular expression to see if the entered string has the format of an email address. This free script can also check if the e-mail address domain DNS MX record exists. Domains that are in blacklists are not considered valid.Requirements:-PHP 5.0 ...
  8. CJ Domain Whois
    600 total visits
    CJ Domain Whois allows users to lookup domain name availability. The script can be used as part of a web sites ordering process or can be used to redirect traffic to an affiliate (such as 123reg.co.uk). The script is fully customisable using style sheets. The CJ Domain Whois is multilingual, currently supporting English, French, Dutch, Arabic, German and Swahili! If ...
  9. No Screenshot
    565 total visits
    This PHP script can be used to manage sites that using Google Webmaster Tools API. Under the hoot, the script sends HTTP requests to the Google Webmaster Tools API Web server to perform several types of actions. Currently it can add or delete site, set geolocation or preferred domain for a site, get the list of managed sites, get details ...
  10. Particle Whois
    853 total visits
    Particle Whois is a PHP script designed to add the power of the whois search to your site, run checks on the domains you want to buy and keep track of what you have searched for previously.Key Features of Particle Whois:- Easy to Install: Get your whois search up and running in minutes - Multiple TLD's: Search .com, .net, .org, ...
  11. No Screenshot
    2189 total visits
    PHP class for whois queries, can query the correct whois server for domain names, ip addresses and AS handles and returns data in a structured array.
  12. No Screenshot
    2410 total visits
    Domain portfolio manager script with basic support for IDN domain names. Easy upload and manage multiple domain names keeping track of creation and expiry dates automatically.Showcase your domains for others to see or hide them from view but still have full functionality to keep an eye on them.
  13. No Screenshot
    2049 total visits
    The URL string is parsed to find the base domain and return it with Get Domain name. Requirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
  14. No Screenshot
    2001 total visits
    The URL is parsed and the host domain is returned, removing the www. prefix if Only Domain exists.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
  15. No Screenshot
    1869 total visits
    A page from a specified remote site is retrieved and parsed, in order to extract the URLs of all links and e-mail addresses it contains.Link And Domain Extract can also check if a link exists in the page with given URL, get the list of domains found in the page links, and check if there is a link in the ...
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