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    Table rows, headers, cells and cells with images can be added to a table with the help of DOM Table class.DOM Table class can return the generated table as a string or display it as part of the current script output.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Handle remote data with PHP 5 and REST Web service is made of three main parts: the login part, the xml part and the data part. The first part concerns about the validation of the user data: username, password, account id and IP address, which are all transferred and returned by the function file_get_contents(): It is supported by the function ...
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    CSS Query can load an HTML document and perform queries for elements using CSS selectors as query parameters. The search may be applied to the whole document or just to a list of document elements. An array of document elements are returned as DOMNode objects, matching the query. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    CSP Filter takes a DOM Document object loaded with the structure of an HTML document and process it to find violations of the Content Security Policy definition. The document structure is changed in order to filter and enforce the policy definition, meaning the class can serve a compliant HTML document. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Adv XML to Array can transform XML data to an array and vice-versa using DOM XML API. It preserves encoding, namespaces and attributes. Adv XML to Array is mainly used for creating XML documents from data taken from HTML forms.
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    DOM functions are used to parse an XML document as a string. Simple XML to Array builds an array that contains the structure of tags and data contained in the XML document. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    The XML is read and parts such as document, element, comment and attributes get defined.
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    3-Level DOM Implementation provides two implementations of the DOM specification:- A very light-weight implementation (TBasicDOM), that you can use when you don't need so many things;- And a complete implementation (the TDOM class) of the Document Object Model Level 3 that follows all the DOM 3 Core specifications according to the http://www.w3.org.
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    This library can be used without additional PHP extensions such as DOM XML.
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    The main class parses HTML documents with the PHP DOM-XML extension. Microformats Parser builds a document structure and passes specific document node object to separate classes specialized in parsing and extracting different types of microformat data.Parser classes for extracting data from hCalendar, hCard, hReview and relElement, are currently included. The extracted data is returned as array objects of the xArray ...
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    XML Object can store an object in a XML document. It can also do the opposite, which is to parse a XML document and return an object stored in it.XML Object uses PHP DOM XML API to generate and parse the XML documents. Works like XMLEncode and XMLDecode of JAVA.
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    PHP 5 DOM XML is a simple class that demonstrates how to extend the PHP 5 builtin domDocument classes to parse, alter and save a XML document to store book information.
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    A generous subset of the DOM Level 2 specification is implemented in this package, which has been designed to be fast and have a low footprint.The primary goal of DOMIT! is to provide PHP developers a standards-compliant means of working with XML, thus ensuring more portable and communicable code.DOMIT XML parser is not an extension; it is written purely in ...
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    myXTree allows to save the DOM-document in a SQL-tree and back. For a choice of the data from a SQL-tree are used XPath expressions. Data reading of a SQL-tree can be carried out by two ways: by one SQL-query and recursive way.
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    DOM Class can transform XML documents using XSLT stylesheets. It is a wrapper around the PHP DOM XML extension.
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