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    Simple Navigation Documentation Script lets you easily create beautiful multilingual documentation for your software. It lets you add some documentation files very easily.
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    phpmodgraph is a PHP library that displays a graph of functions that where modified since the last release. Besides the modified functions, it shows the functions that are relevant and are dependent on the modified functions. PHPCallGraph v.0.8.0 is used to generate the graphs. An example is included with the download package, along with the documentation.
  3. PHPDoctor
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    PHPDoctor is a simple PHP documentation generator. Simpler and faster than PHPDoc, it is inspired by Java's Javadoc tool. What it does is it parses source code comments and gathers them all together into one page for easier reading and a centralized help center. Features of PHPDoctor:- Code is parsed by the PHP engine itself, not an external library- Simple, ...
  4. ApiGen
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    ApiGen is a PHP documentation generator. It was inspired by phpDocumentor/phpDoc and is a tool for creating professional, easy undertstandable API documentation from PHP source. It supports PHP 5.3 namespaces, packages, linking between documentation, cross referencing to PHP standard classes, general documentation, creation of highlighted source code, and much more. It even has experimental support for PHP 5.4 traits. Features ...
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    This is a documentation generator written in PHP and takes a source tree, parses out the comments, and outputs nicely-formatted documentation. Meanwhile, it supports all programming languages that support comments in the form of //, /**/ or #.
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