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    HTML Compactor helps youto reduce the size of HTML documents by removing unnecessary comments and white-spaces. It can process an HTML document passed explicitly as a string. It may also capture all the output of a PHP script and compact it before serving to the user browser.HTML Compactor can reduce the size of the document by applying several operations like ...
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    b3rtCSVWriter can be used to generate CSV files. It creates an Excel-compatible CSV file and writes record values using pure PHP code without using fputcsv function.b3rtCSVWriter writes a record line at a time from values passed in an array with the values for all columns. The column separator character is configurable, so it can be a tab or anything besides ...
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    b3rtCSVReader can be used to parse CSV files. It opens and reads a given CSV file parsing the data in its rows using pure PHP code without using fgetcsv function.b3rtCSVReader reads on record row at a time and returns an array with the values for all columns.The column separator character is configurable, so it can be a tab or anything ...
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    CSV Parse and Read can be used to parse and display data from a CSV file. It can open and parse the lines of a given CSV file. The data is stored in an array class variable.CSV Parse and Read may also display the CSV data in an HTML table using a separate PHP template script.Requirements: PHP 5.0
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    PhpRtf Lite is a PHP class library. The purpose of the library is creating rtf documents with php, which are compatible with Microsoft Word and Open Office Writer programs. It can be used when it is need to generate rtf document on a server side.The main PhpRtf advantage of other such kind programs is, that it’s designed on OOP principles. ...
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    HTML SAX Parser can parse HTML documents using regular expressions to split the document character data, the begin and end tag elements.For each type of elements, HTML SAX Parser call custom callback that can do any type of processing. The callback functions may bu global or be functions of a class of a given object.
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    XML to HTML menu can be used to generate menus in XML and HTML. It can add items to the menu definition. Each item can have associated and other attributes.From the menu definition it can generate a XML document that describes the menus. The menu XML definition documents can also be generated manually or by some other process.The HTML menus ...
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    ODT 2 XHTML can be used to convert OpenDocument document files (ODT) to XHTML.It can open an ODT file, extract its contents and use XSL to transform the actual document into XHTML. It requires the PHP Zip, DOM XML and XSL extensions.
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    Synchronization Analysis can be used to compare and extract differences between text documents. It searches for lines, words or other symbols that may have changed to different positions. Then it returns the lists of differences in arrays.
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    HTML to PDF can be used to convert an HTML document or Web page using the ABCPDF or EasySW Web services.It can communicate with these services to tell to convert a given URL to PDF. It may also convert a local HTML file by serving it as a remote page passing it as an argument of the current script URL.The ...
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    XML Serializer can be used to store and retrieve objects from XML documents.XML Serializer can traverse the list of public variables of an object and generated a XML document with variable values. It can also do the opposite, by loading a previously generated XML document and restore the original object public variable values.
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    Class Doc can be used to process PHP code to generate automatic documentation in a configurable idiom. This script is a classes and functions documentation tool.CLASSES:- Their analysis is based on packages.- A first form is used to create a package name.- A second one is used to upload classes in the package. If you have inherited classes, you MUST ...
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    VFXP_XML_Parser can be used to parse XML documents. This is a light-weight class optimized for parsing speed, so to make it suitable for frequent parameters parsing.VFXP_XML_Parser uses only base PHP functions, so it does not require any special extension to parse the XML documents. The input XML documents may be parsed from a text string or from a given file.VFXP_XML_Parser ...
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    HTML to DOC classes can be used to convert HTML pages into Microsoft Word documents in the XML format.It can parse a HTML document given as a HTML data string or a page URL. Then it extracts the HTML document header and body and rewrite it with a Microsoft Word document XML header.
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    SQL XML can be used to generate XML documents from MySQL query results. The class executes a given MySQL query. It may restrict the range of extracted rows to a given page on which a configurable limit number of rows is returned.The generated XML documents are defined by row and column tags that contain the values of each query result ...
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